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Pausing music by broadcast intent


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This does not appear to have any effect on music playback. Am I using it incorrectly?

void pausePowerAMP(Context context) {

Intent intent = new Intent(PowerAMPiAPI.ACTION_API_COMMAND);

intent.putExtra(PowerAMPiAPI.COMMAND, PowerAMPiAPI.Commands.PAUSE);




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It's not broadcast, but intent sent directly to service:

startService(new Intent(PowerAMPiAPI.ACTION_API_COMMAND).putExtra(PowerAMPiAPI.COMMAND, PowerAMPiAPI.Commands.PAUSE));

Please check poweramp_api_example sources, esp. MainActivity.onClick() method.


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Thanks for that.

FYI, the comment in the file indicates sendBroadcast is the way to go, which was the basis of my misunderstanding:


* Poweramp Control action.

* Should be sent with sendBroadcast().

* Extras:

* - cmd - int - command to execute.


public static final String ACTION_API_COMMAND = "com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND";

Thanks for publishing your API.


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