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Is there a way to fix this?

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Hello Poweramp users and developer of this awesome app. Ever since trying it for the first time I've been amazed at every update (well actually I can't buy anything through the android market so I often skip some updates because I have to do it manually) BUT that's not what I came here to post.

I love how Pamp lets you select custom music folders (I download my music through the browser or sync via dropbox or drag to my music folder when connected via USB). And I love the number of file formats it supports.

But when selecting custom music foloders I can only select main parent folders, so it will by default include all subfolders (right?).

So my problem is that when I select my dropbox folder, it also recognizes the mp4 video files I synched from my dropbox (in other folders then my music folder) and just plays them as really big audio files.

So is there a way to exclude certain files from the media scanner or some way to select certain subfolders to scan or some way to exclude certain filetypes (such as mp4)?

I love everything about this mp3 app, only this small annoyance came to my attention recently.

Hope you guys can help :)

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Hi, thanks for the feedback/request.

Currently there is no way to exclude it (the workaround is to create folder playlist), hierarchical source music folders selection is a planned feature for PowerAMP v2.0.


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Ok thank you for the fast and personal response, your good communication is the best!

I can just move my video files outside my drop box folder after downloading for the time being. From the list of planned changes, v2.0 will be awesome!

Keep it up max mp, you have my support and admiration!

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