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Embedded .cue support?

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Hello there!

As this is my first post on this forum, I want to thank you for your hard work on Poweramp -- it simply the best 'droid music player now! :) Keep it this way.

But -- do plans for embeded .cue support were droppped? I clearly remember that there was such line in TODO/Planned features thread, but now there is just '- support for standalone .cue files(next release)' -- and its what was done in 369, I suppose.

All of my unsplitted .flac's & .ape's have .cue embedded in them and right now always plays as one big track -- and this is one Poweramp flaw that I can think of right now. Of course I can 'de-embed' .cue from them and put it near, but, you know... ;)

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