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disable WHOLE ID3 TAGs

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hi there,

i've just bought this app and kink of like this. but i'm missing one feature.

disabling the tags.

i'm not a music storing personal and have like only 800 songs, which are not-ill-tagged.

about 600 are are sorted by folder tree with artist first and album later. rest 200 are songs from various artists and stored in a single MISC folder because it's useless make whole artist/album tree for only 1,2 files. these 200 files are named in 'artist - title.mp3'

by this, i can repeat every song from an artist or repeat only single album, or make a new playlist based on an artist.

and i've never had needs of genre sorting system, so there are no use of id3 tags for me-it only makes me annoying.

and here the problem happens.

when i open MISC folder then i can see a whole mess. some of them are showing their tag based titles, and some of them are showing 'artist-title.mp3' with unknown artist. why i cannot see just filenames only and make the screen neat and tidy?

my files are already sorted by artist, and album, and if they are not, that means all information i care are on the filenames(artist + title).

would you please make an option disabling WHOLE id3 tagging system?

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On 5/6/2011 at 6:02 AM, admin said:


in Poweramp v1.4 you can now force it to display filenames instead of title tags in Folder/Folder playlists via Settings => Advanced Folder Options => Show Filenames


I don't see the option.

Nevermind, found it. It's under Settings, Library, Lists, Filename As Title.




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