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-Animations speed is not multiplied by the system animation speed, which i find annoying because i don't like waiting for animation to be completed so i set the animation scale to 0 in android developer options.

-Add a new "View As" setting for lists as "List - Small" is too large on a Galaxy S7, it's hard to see all the songs of an album in the same screen. You could add "List - Extra Small".

-The back button management is still horrible, back should always go back to the last library page you came from, even if you are in the "playing song" view. It should never close the app, for that we have the home button! Why have 2 buttons that do the same thing in most cases?
Even you you listening to a song you found from a search, it should go back to the artist anyway.

-When i'm listening to a song and i click on the 3 dots and click GO TO ARTIST, i'd expect the "Artist Albums" view, not the "All Artists Songs" view. If statistically most people don't think like me, then make it an option in the settings or add another button, GO TO ARTIST ALBUMS/SONG.

-When clicking on an an artist from the search page, you should go into "Artist Albums" view, or again, give the user a setting.

-Notifications (e.g. Shuffle Songs And Categories) are always shown on top of important UI elements, blocking their visibility and the ability to click them.

-Searching should prioritize Artist over Albums, or give the user the choice over the priority.

-If the library only has 1 option (e.g. Artists), you could add an option to go to it directly when trying to go to the library (and a reset button in the general settings), this would make browsing much faster for users like me.

-In the previous version you used to be able to click on the 3 dots in the library and start "Shuffle all" and it would shuffle all songs in random order. Now the is no quick way of doing this unless you open the "All Songs view". There should be one.

-Make search context based? Or at least add it as an option. For example if you are in an "All Artists Songs" view and you click search, you probably want to search within that list, not the whole library.


-Idea/setting: don't clear the search if the new search phrase doesn't return any results, but the previous search phrase had some (e.g. write "The Beatles" and the you accidentally click on another key and everything disappears).

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