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[beta build-792 uni] Sound distortions on Hi-Res/DAC while in *any* menu except play screen


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Hey there

First of all, thanks for the beta, it looks really great!

Device: Asus Nexus 7 2013 WiFi (flo) (quadcore 1.5GHz - 2G RAM)
ROM: ResurrectionRemix 6.1.0 - Android 8.1.0 (custom build by me, not shared yet)

Whenever I am not in the playing screen (where the virtualization is in background),
I get sound distortions and sometimes slow sound.
Even if the screen is turned off, those distortions appear.
library, equalizer settings, normal setting, always those distortions.

Might this be an issue about the cpu governor?
I noticed that CPU3&4 are getting disabled and enabled all the time (didn't measure it while in playing screen, dunno how).
If you have a clue to test for me, please say so.

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