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Searching for an artist and clicking on one, results in list of songs rather than albums


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Beta build 793

So when you go to the artists section by clicking the four squared icon bottom left, and you click on an artist, their albums will be displayed. 

However, if you click the search icon at the bottom, search for an artist, click an artist, all of their songs will be displayed instead. 

Please fix this so that it will display their albums when going through the search method. 

Thank you. 

EDIT: Then again, setting the search list options to include albums will display the albums first when searching for an artist, so in a way it's a shortcut, because you don't have to actually click the artist. So I guess it's OK as it is right now, although the albums are not in chronological order. Also, when you swipe out of an album from here you're put in the all albums (by all artists) section, not where you came from, the search section. 

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