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  1. @Moho Miner You're also a legend for being the one to figure out it was an issue with playlists this whole time!
  2. It really does seem like this is fixed now, @dinfinity you legend!
  3. I've had auto scanning and chromecast disabled for a long time now, and it has NOT fixed this issue with the overheating and high battery usage. So this is bug is not resolved by any means.
  4. Getting high battery usage from Poweramp on my Samsung Galaxy S10 as well. The phone also gets hot.
  5. Oh... I actually liked being able to use shuffle in the Queue, as it would allow me to make temporary playlists that I could shuffle. I do this all the time.. Any chance you could bring it back with an option to enable/disable?
  6. Tracks still not auto-advancing unless I enable crossfading.
  7. Not the guy you're responding to, but from my testing, it's not exactly based on file types. I have some MP3s that auto-advance. But the issue definitely seems to be file specific, not to do with being in Playlists or Artists or All Songs or whatever. @maxmp
  8. I'm still sometimes getting the issues with tracks not auto-advancing. RC build 799. Android 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
  9. Settings -> Library -> Queue Disable 'Start Playing Queue Immediately'
  10. @maxmp, I really hope you can at some point add the ability to search within a specific playlist, artist, etc. This used to be in Poweramp, and is a feature I would make use of all the time, but disappeared with the v3 beta.
  11. If that would fix it, maybe I'll do it someday, but for now I'll just live with the Poweramp Lock Screen I guess. It could get fixed for the final release, who knows.
  12. No, I updated through the Play Store. But I'm not sure I'm willing to do a clean install, because I have a lot of playlists with a lot of songs. I don't want to go through making all those playlists again...
  13. Nope, nothing is disabled. Android Lock Screen was working fine on the alpha version, but not after updating to beta.
  14. I have nothing on my lock screen if I disable Poweramp Lock Screen. I would prefer to have the Android Lock Screen instead.
  15. That's Poweramp Lock Screen, not Android Lock Screen. The Poweramp Lock Screen works fine for me.
  16. He made it so it's always enabled though. You can't choose to disable or enable it.
  17. Android Lock Screen still not showing up for me. Android 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
  18. On the new 796 build, if I queue up a song and let the queue start by itself, the app crashes reliably. But only the first time, if I open the app after the crash, queuing works fine. So I guess it only happens if the queue is empty, because if I clear the queue and try again, it crashes again. Android 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
  19. Android Lock Screen still not showing up at all for me... Poweramp Lock Screen works though. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, Android Version 6.0.1
  20. Quick question guys, will updating the app in the playstore keep all the songs in my playlists? I'm worried about having to manually add all the songs back in my playlists again... EDIT: I'm on alpha build 709 at the moment. EDIT 2: OK, I just went ahead and updated, and it did wipe the playlists. So warning to people on alpha 709, updating to beta 793 WILL wipe your playlists (the playlists are there but not the songs within them). EDIT 3: Nevermind, something strange happened, I added some songs back to a playlist, and then suddenly every song in every playlist was back! 
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