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Displays the flawed image of the back

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In version 790, the image behind the cover of the music after the selection of visualization mode is displayed incompletely, and in this regard it is very uncomfortable in the alpha version 3, and in version 2 it is not a problem. Please solve this problem. The interface requires that Somewhat better quality, the speed of the program is good, another problem I have and many users have this problem is that after the choice of language other than English, the remaining languages will not change after the choice, for example, the Persian language, In summary, if these problems are solved, version 790 will be the best version. 1-Improved 2-incomplete user interface showing back cover images. 3. Not working most languages except English in the program. 4. Some program parts do not work well and need improvement. 5-skin is not included in this version and alpha versions, which I hope will be re-enabled in version 790.


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