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Just got the trial version and have a couple of questions. I have created a "Music" folder within the DCIM folder on my HTC Inspire. Within that I have created two folders for mp3 songs and one folder titled "Ringtones"

My questions:

1. Can I create playlists on my computer and load into the DCIM that PA will recognize and play or must this be done on the phone?

2. Can I select just one folder on the DCIM to play from?

3. I find the ringtones are brought into PA as a song and played along with the mp3 songs from other folders. Can I prevent this?

4. Can I selectively shuttle songs from only one folder at a time? I select shuttle and the only option I get is Shuttle All.

I did try a search on the forum and could find answers to my questions, but I may not be looking in the right place.

Many Thanks,


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1. PowerAMP doesn't recognize playlist file formats (e.g. m3u) now, if your phone (system media scanner) supports them - such playlists will appear under Library Playlists, i.e. it depends on your phone/ROM.

2. PowerAMP displays folders in its Folder tabs, the view can be flat or hierarchical (view selected with top right icons in Folders list). You can select any specific folder to play. By default, PowerAMP will auto-advance to the next folder, but this behavior can be changed by Auto-Advance settings.

3. For folders - yes, as you can select the root folders without ringtones. For library, it depends on how well your system library recognizes if file is ringtone or not. Some phones (Droid X) have issues with it.

4. If you mean shuffle folder mode - yes, either keep pressing SHUFFLE button until Shuffle folder appears or long press on folder to select SHUFFLE.


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