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V790 Notification bugs On Xiaomi Mi 5

Vie Lovins

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Hi Max, thank you for release this version, for my phone type is working excellent in sound quality better than alpha V704, 705, 706, or V709 (Play Store). 

But I have bugs with control in Notification. I know this version is only preview but I hope can be fix in next release of Beta Version. As screenshot I have add, controller can't show Art, Artists/Track Name, and Button (Next, Previous, etc) 

Maybe this bugs come from firmware version, but for other music apps I have no bugs like this. So, I assume the Notifications Bugs come from Poweramp V790 apk. 

Sorry for my bad English.. Thank you. 

Xiaomi Mi 5 / MIUI 9 EU latest stable Version / Android 7.0 



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