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  1. Hi Andre. Sorry for the quote. I will keep V3 and wait next update. I hope developer can fix new apk for Hi-Res in Note 4 SM-N910H Android 6.0.1. OpenSL ES on V3 still superb than regularly Poweramp 2.0. Resampler, Buffer Size, Bass, Trebel and Stereo expansion has help me to clearly listening experience even Hi-Res not yet work. I'll wait new Beta version for Hi-Res output. Thank you
  2. Ok, sorry if I have wrong thread. Thank you for reply and give me explanation about what wrong in Note 4 SM-N910H Android 6.0.1. Now, I will wait you're new brilliant update to fix this problem. Once again, thank you.
  3. Hi Admin. I will report again until you give some solution or explanation. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H Exynos 7 Octa/ 5433, Wolfson DAC, Android 6.0.1 Official. Hi-Res Output on wired headset not yet work in Alpha Build 703. I try to install Alpha build 704 and no solve my problem. If I activate Hi-Res Output no music can I hear, just knocking sound continuously. Hi-Res Output on wired headset work if DVC are off, but volume too low and SQ is bad. What can I do for solving this problem, rooting phone? And I delete some vendor app like SoundAlive or Adapt Sound? I understand for you're hard work but I hope you give me some solutions for this problem in Note 4 SM-N910H Exynos. Because I can see in other Note 4 variant this fiture can work perfectly. Confused ?. Please reply my report. Thank you.
  4. Hi-Res Output on wired headset not work for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H (Exynos, Android 6.0.1 Official). Very sad and hope someday that fiture can I hear. Hi-Res can work if I check NO DVC, but SQ are bad and volume too low. How long I'l wait for "Amazing Hires output" come to my ear? I can wait forever, I love Poweramp and other player can't replaced on my Galaxy Note 4.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910H) Android 6.0.1 stock last update october 2016 Need full support Hi-Res Output, because now that fiture still error. When I try to activated Hi-Res Output, that found knocking sound continuously. But if I disable DVC, Hi-Res Output can active with very low volume. Give me some solution or trick.
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