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  1. Hi Max, thank you for release this version, for my phone type is working excellent in sound quality better than alpha V704, 705, 706, or V709 (Play Store). But I have bugs with control in Notification. I know this version is only preview but I hope can be fix in next release of Beta Version. As screenshot I have add, controller can't show Art, Artists/Track Name, and Button (Next, Previous, etc) Maybe this bugs come from firmware version, but for other music apps I have no bugs like this. So, I assume the Notifications Bugs come from Poweramp V790 apk. Sorry for my bad Englis
  2. I do not care about the user interface, theme, skin, or whatever it is. Current or Next Material UI no problem for me. My advice, you create brilliant music player. So please improved audio quality, especially in Hi-Res Audio compatibility on all types of Android support. There are still many people who expect and look forward to Hi-Res Output can be enjoyed on their device, like me, until this day still has the issue of Hi-Res Output (Wired headset) on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H Official Android 6.0.1. I hope the next version is already making changes to address the problem of Hi-Res on m
  3. Hi Andre. Sorry for the quote. I will keep V3 and wait next update. I hope developer can fix new apk for Hi-Res in Note 4 SM-N910H Android 6.0.1. OpenSL ES on V3 still superb than regularly Poweramp 2.0. Resampler, Buffer Size, Bass, Trebel and Stereo expansion has help me to clearly listening experience even Hi-Res not yet work. I'll wait new Beta version for Hi-Res output. Thank you
  4. Ok, sorry if I have wrong thread. Thank you for reply and give me explanation about what wrong in Note 4 SM-N910H Android 6.0.1. Now, I will wait you're new brilliant update to fix this problem. Once again, thank you.
  5. Hi Admin. I will report again until you give some solution or explanation. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H Exynos 7 Octa/ 5433, Wolfson DAC, Android 6.0.1 Official. Hi-Res Output on wired headset not yet work in Alpha Build 703. I try to install Alpha build 704 and no solve my problem. If I activate Hi-Res Output no music can I hear, just knocking sound continuously. Hi-Res Output on wired headset work if DVC are off, but volume too low and SQ is bad. What can I do for solving this problem, rooting phone? And I delete some vendor app like SoundAlive or Adapt Sound? I und
  6. Hi-Res Output on wired headset not work for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H (Exynos, Android 6.0.1 Official). Very sad and hope someday that fiture can I hear. Hi-Res can work if I check NO DVC, but SQ are bad and volume too low. How long I'l wait for "Amazing Hires output" come to my ear? I can wait forever, I love Poweramp and other player can't replaced on my Galaxy Note 4.
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910H) Android 6.0.1 stock last update october 2016 Need full support Hi-Res Output, because now that fiture still error. When I try to activated Hi-Res Output, that found knocking sound continuously. But if I disable DVC, Hi-Res Output can active with very low volume. Give me some solution or trick.
  8. Hi Max. I use Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H (Exynos+wolfson dac) with Official Android 6.0.1 Marshmallows latest update October 2016 and SONY XBA A1 AP Earphone. I'm very happy with major change of Poweramp 3.0 alpha build. Overall thats great and make me want hearing music every day. But one problem for me (big problem maybe), Hi-Res Output can't be activated and knocking sound found when I force to activate Hi-Res function. I try to activate Buffer Size to 3-4 but cannot be solve the problem. How I fix that's problem or please release new update for this problem. Thank you.
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