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Cut Off Silence

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I wrote dis on the discussion forum but, I paste it here as well.

Guys, I'm new to this forum thing but I want to talk about some feature that is missing from the Poweramp Player, the Cut Off Silence.


Usually I listen to music on my laptop or PC, but if I want to go to a cafe or need to travel to a foreign land, usually I use my phone and always use Poweramp for the most part.


And, I just noticed that the Poweramp doesn't have a Cut Off Silence feature. You know, that feature to cut the silence in the music? I just noticed that by now and I curious if the devs gonna add it or not.


About the feature itself, I don't know. Do we use a slider to erase how much of the  silence we want to erase or use something else?  I think I prefer the slider, because smartphones is getting attached to this slider thing.


So, what do you guys and gals think? Do you want some Cut Off Silence feature on the app or not? Let me know. Maybe give the devs some ideas or something to help them. Ok I'm out, peace *sorry, english is not my first language*

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