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Deleting Function Freezes My Droid X


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Hi, so I checked to see if anyone else was having this problem but i did not see any topics related. I need to delete music off of my sd card of my droid x to make space, but I also want to select specific songs and discographies of artists to delete. I dragged and dropped all my music from itunes on to the sd card and it took foreverrrrrr (im talking like 3500 songs, and i couldnt use doubletwist because I have an older mac). In other words, i figured I could use the Poweramp's delete function to do this with ease and not have to drag and drop again. I have the full version and love the Poweramp but the delete function freezes my phone every time i try to use it.

what can i do to remedy this? im looking to get the Poweramp delete function working properly rather than to use other apps or work arounds. I was thinking maybe I have too much stuff on my sd card which is a 16 gb with 500 mb of space left. this problem happened before and after i rooted my phone.

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sorry, but it's not PowerAMP issue - try to delete something from stock player.

The problem is how motorola implemented media database (system library), which sometimes can cause issue like this.

To resolve it you need to completely reset the media database - rename your music folder on sd card and reboot the phone. Note that this will destroy playlists.


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