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Library Sorting

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I went through the multiple hour long process of very carefully sorting all of my music on my PC. Here is how I have mine organized...


Rap & Hip-Hop



Then within each of these genres I have sorting by artist

When I transfered these to my samsung fascinate and opened power amp, it was almost right on the money except under my genre sort is now has items such as: Adventure, Names of songs, names of artists, etc. But when I goto the info about that song it clearly says other, or country or rap and hip hop. Why would it classify it under the genre of adventure if it clearly set as other?

Like I said MOST transfered one for one, but there are some that did not.

Probably a confusing post, but any ideas?

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The Library is android system media library and it has known problems with the tags (esp. genre tag).

You may get a lot better results with PowerAMP folders, if they are organized properly, of course.


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