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FLAC sorting and library


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I would like to see the Library recognize all file types or at least have the option to sort by track # in Folder view.

For me I have albums of FLAC files that don't show up in the Library, only in "Folders".

What is frustrating is that they are sorted by alphabetically by title, I want them sorted by track number, same as the CD.

FYI, I love Poweramp, it's a quantum leap beyond other players,



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First, I agree with YoDudeRock. GREAT product, so thank you.

I rip CDs as flac only (for the sound quality) as do many other android users (take a look at the Android forum). I use J River Media Center as my player on my laptop, and it syncs well with my HTC Inspire.

Poweramp plays the flac files very well, and the sound is fantastic.

The only problem is that the files will only appear in Folder view, not in Library view. The good news is that the artwork, song titles, etc. (all tags) are there. The bad news is that when you click on Library, there is nothing in Album, Artist, Songs, etc.

And, like mentioned, when you open an album from the Folders, the tracks/songs are listed in alphabetical order only, not by track number. This is a problem for classical and most jazz albums.

Now, they play just fine, and curiously, all the tag info is there, including correct track number. I.e., if you play a song and click on info, it will show you the correct track number! The system will just not sort by track number, even if you tell it to sort by track number in the settings.

So, is there a way to get the Folder files into Library? If not, is there a way to get the albums in the Folders to sort songs by track number (especially since the correct number is in the tag information)?

If not, I think there would be a lot of people willing to pay for that ability. I reviewed the Android forum and there are a lot of flac file users asking for that function in the embedded program (which is lousy). And I think they are like me, they would pay more money to have that ability.

So if you could do that, please!!! As far as I can tell you would be the only ones, and if word got out, I would not be the only one willing to pay a lot extra to get it.

I look forward to your reply, and in the meantime, thanks for the excellent service and product!!!!

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Flacs in library requires custom library - currently PowerAMP uses the android media library.

Custom library is planned for PowerAMP v2.0, this will bring flacs and other non-standard formats to the PowerAMP library, but things like shared library playlists will be lost.


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Hey maxmpz:

If it stays as it is (in folder mode all the artwork and songs are in each album), and the songs are in track order, then I will be one happy camper, and will buy another copy just to say thanks!!!!

And will try to convince all my Android using buddies to download Poweramp. It is a great service you are providing. Oh, I will also alert all members of Audiogon (I am a silly audiophile and have been a member there for many years) that this app exists, since most of them use flac, but have given up on finding a player that plays flac on Android.

Thanks so much, and can't wait!!!

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A quick workaround in the meantime: Download a music tagging program like MP3Tag for Windows (a powerful freeware program that works on all formats including FLAC). You can merely point it to your Android SD card, and tell it to rename all files based on criteria you set. You could keep all files in place and rename them to "[track] [title].flac" (that is, "01 Song Name.flac"), or even have them moved to folders of your choice: \[artist]\[album]\[track] [title].flac.

Renaming the files to include the track number would fix your Folders sorting solution.

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Purchased Full version around two weeks ago and very happy, but was a little disappointed to find out that I can not use the library function as 95% of my music is FLAC. So, very much looking forward to the "custom library" support in v2.0.

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PowerAMP v2.0 allows any supported format in Library, including flacs. Also, it fixes some android library issue (like genres or artist tag issues), and have about x10 scanning speed (10-15 seconds to scan 1000 new files into library - android does this in about 240 seconds (nexus 1 - 2.3.4).

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