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  1. Hi! I've tried to purchase Poweramp from Playstore and also from their website. But, there's no common way to purchase it using 'bKash', a very familiar payment method available in Bangladesh. Is there anyone here from Bangladesh for helping me about this issue? Here, who wanna to help me and has a Credit/Debit Card or, Paypal account, and also has bKash account; I'll send required money to you through bKash and after getting money, you'll purchase Poweramp with your paypal account or, Credit/Debit Card for me using my Gmail (I'll give you my account credentials) Can anyone help me? I'm in Facebook: https://facebook.com/aalfaruque1/
  2. @flyingdutchman Ok.. Thanks for your reply.. Jaza-kallahu Khayeer. Now, i have to purchase this awesome app, InshaAllah.
  3. Assalamu Alaikum! I've used Poweramp Music Player (Trial) in my android phone. Sound output experience is just awesome. This nice apps stable full version is to be purchased.. But, after trial expiration, can i reinstall the latest beta release of this app? (Again Trial!) Will be it legal?
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