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  1. On my Z fold 3 front cover, the notch covers the album art when status bar is hidden, is there a way to hide status bar and push the album art down? I also notcied technically the notch is in the middle of the album art when Z fold3 is open too, however the under screen camera, I never noticed the album art was on the camera.
  2. Hi Poweramp Forumns, I noticed this issue and I looked everywhere in the settings if I could set the way album art is displayed in different phone orientations, however I could not find anything, so I believe this may be a bug. I've uploaded some screenshots of the issue. The album art that is displayed in landscape mode is not consistant, some show the full art 1:1, some show as cropped. See below for exmaple: I wanted to display the Album art as 1:1 in landscape mode so you can see more of the visualisation in the background. Album art is normal in portrait. I am using the Z fold 3 as an awesome display for my Naim MuSo Gen 2 and noticed this yesterday. Anyway to stop the album art from zooming in on landscape mode?
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