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  1. @andrewilley Wow, go figure. Uninstalled and cleared data as you mentioned. Funny thing is the EQ tone resets to a default of sorts and the eq resorts back to defaults. I will do some more playing with. Thank you again.
  2. Wow, I did not expect such a fast response, but am truly appreciative of your time. I will try that and thank you so much again. Be well and be safe. David
  3. @andrewilley I appreciate your comments and your support I tried your method, but somehow the software still reverts back to the presets when it changes titles. My Note 10 has the software loaded as well and does not change at all. I was wanting to delete the program from my Z fold but worry (just like window) it has settings somewhere that would show back up even if I reloaded. I would not mind a "clean" reset and start over. If you have time, any suggestions are appreciated as I do love this program as my primary go to player. Thank you again. David
  4. Hi! I love this player and have for the life I've been using. I noticed your commend andrewwilley about EQ presets saved to assigned new tracks? Each time I try to adjust the eq it goes back to saved settings. I apologize to ask here as I tried to read through forums and settings on the phone but cannot seem to "unassign" the eq and keep having to change it for some songs. Any idea when you or someone else has time would be appreciated. Thank you! David
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