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  1. Thank you Andre Foobar is doing a good job more or less like the normalize function in Neutron, which is why I am trying out Poweramp.
  2. Removed a lot of the built in spam and garbage Google and Samsung put on the phones and it installed without problems. Took a couple of hours or maybe more. Is there any way I can normalize the sound output so I do not have to constantly adjust the sound level as music files are not all recorded with same sound level?
  3. Thank you for the kind words. I have all the back-up I need. Will not trust the cloud with anything personal. Far too easy to see that it is breached now and then and people have their personal data available for anyone willing to pay. That is more or less what google is living from. Still I need a phone and some of the app's are fine for various needs. Too bad that privacy is a banned word for google. Hoping that open software foundation will sooner or later get capacity to make a functioning OS for both phones and computers, but for now we must be content with what is available.
  4. I have been told it will take a couple of minutes to remove me from the beta version in playstore; There are many minutes in a few. 6 hours till now and still on beta. The play store is a needed evil from where to get app's for Android phones. And I do not think it is alive. I have no personal data in the cloud, all are on own memory items (SSD drives,hard discs, memory cards). Why anybody would have personal data in the cloud is not for me to understand. I have no facebook or any time-wasting things like that. I play music from the phone through a wire to my audio equipment and do not have internet connection for more than absolutely needed. Had a little hope that somebody here could help but it seems not likely. Have a nice day
  5. Tried and did not function. Maybe just wait a couple of years till Poweramp will function again.
  6. Google cannot restore anything from cloud. I have never had any connection to cloud. Do not trust cloud more than politicians. It was a new installation from google play, then a new from the website of Poweramp, then a beta from google play and now after removing the unlocker the playstore will only install the beta, but first I try the one from Poweramp. https://powerampapp.com/downloads/Poweramp-v3-build-last-uni.apk then reinstall the unlocker.
  7. Support just mailed again: Hello from Poweramp support team! Please uninstall Poweramp Trial and Unlocker, restart your device and update Poweramp (trial - which is the main app) from Poweramp site - https://powerampapp.com/downloads/Poweramp-v3-build-last-uni.apk Remember to backup any internal Playlists and Settings first. Thanks! Will try that and see what happens
  8. I cannot select anything as when pressing activate either the phone or the SD-card I am shown a blank beautifully white page with possibility to see hidden files or not and no matter what I press there gives me nothing at all. The blank page is all there is. No folders, nothing. Have done what support told me without any result.
  9. I have no MP3 files. 16 and 24 bit flac files. Functioning in Neutron. Have no back-up from old phone. It is several years since I last tried Poweramp, when Galaxy Note 4 was new. Have done what support mailed me and does not function. Want the paid app to function, but if not, Neutron (a paid app as well) does function so I can still hear music; just would like to find out if Mark Levinson audio equipment sound better from Poweramp than Neutron.
  10. Hi, Have bought the Unlocker (long time ago) but not used Poweramp a couple of years. Phone: Galaxy A71 - 128Gb intern - 512Gb SD-card - close to 200Gb music (function on Neutron) . When trying to activate Galaxy A71 (intern) or SD-card I get a blank screen. Have mailed for help and done what was recommended - and still blank screen when trying to activate either of the memories. Mail from support: Hello from Poweramp support team! Long press Poweramp icon, ⓘ (Info) / Permissions / Storage / Allow.. Please ensure "Remove permissions if app isn't used" is DISABLED. Alternatively (recommended): disable Settings / Misc / File Access Legacy Mode" option, then in Settings / Library / Music Folders give the new permission and re-choose folders. Can open my files and take a music file there and play it. Sounds good. Try to press for next number am told that many files are not valid or something like that. All work in Neutron so the music files are OK. All music is .flac either 24-bit or 16-bit. Use the phone as source for Mark Levinson audio. Not that Neutron is bad, just wanted to see if Poweramp is better. Any help appreciated. Thank you
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