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  1. I have tried to export a Playlist from Poweramp and then try to load the playlist in soundiiz but it indicates that the list is empty. Could someone give me an orientation on this topic?
  2. My Music Library is uploaded to a Synologic NAS server; and that NAS has an app that is installed on Android (also on ios); but that App never looks like Poweramp ... My question is .... Is it possible that in the Poweramp Library configuration a LINK of the NAS where my music is stored is configured? On the other hand ... My Music Library is made up of more than 90K songs ... Is Poweramp capable of handling that high volume of Indexing?
  3. Magnifica atencion powerwamp es el mejor y ustedes tambien ....
  4. Hello . Thanks for your quick response ... Now, there is an online tool to normalize the volume of music in FLAC format.
  5. What can be done in cases of music in FLAC format have a lot of music in FLAC format, what is done in that case?
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