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  1. This problem only re-occurred after update of Poweramp to 895 build-905-arm64-play 3 weeks ago. I have an S7 Edge running 8.0 android which has received no updates subsequent to PA update. I had this problem when I first bought the phone years ago and it was corrected. As of last update from play store, it is back again. I can force stop power amp and it will still re-start playing music on bluetooth connections in the same cars I've owned for years as soon as the key is on and vehicle BT is connected. Worse, it is inconsistent. If I just exit out of PA, get out of the car and restart, sometimes PA will start playing music (most of the time) and sometimes it will not. It is extremely annoying. I have no other app problems with this phone. Logs are empty. I note with the latest version of PA that the settings seem different (it's literally been years since I've had to touch any PA settings to avoid this problem). Can you please confirm what settings need to be set to disable this feature? Love the app (except for the hopefully gone no valid license error mid flight).
  2. ajg


    Thanks for clarifying Andre.
  3. ajg


    Interesting - 895-905 Is the build on my phone. Just verified in Poweramp changelog updated from playstore yesterday or the day before.
  4. ajg


    That's what Google play store installed but I don't see it in the new releases forum? Thanks, AJG
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