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  1. [New Post now merged into existing thread --- Admin] I just downloaded the app recently, due to Google Music Player being removed. I've got to say I'm really impressed with the quality, user interface and incredible amount of personalization and feature fine-tuning that this app has. I was glad to pay for it after the first hour of using the free trial. However..... I've got to say I think it has two GLARING shortcomings. Ones that should, and hopefully will be addressed at some point in the near future. Issue 1. The app doesn't let you view the upcoming songs when you shuffle in any playlist, or in All Songs. Most music players, on the main player UI will have what looks like a little hamburger (or list, like 3 little lines) next to a small play button, and hitting that gives you an overview of the randomly generated queue. You're able to see what's coming up, and quick adjust the queue accordingly. I think that there needs to either be such a button, or we should be able to side swipe left, and see a queue. Preferably the latter, as it would be much more seamless. Right swipe should still bring you to the screen it does. Issue 2. I briefly mentioned this one in my last point, which is the ability to quickly adjust a queue. I think we should be able to, once in the aforementioned "queue overview", be able to swipe sideways to quickly remove songs from the upcoming playlist... instead of having to select each individual song we don't want to hear. Both of these were features available in the Google Music Player, and I think they are CRUCIAL features of a good music player. I have crappy ones still downloaded because I can't let go of those two features. It's great for when you're with friends and quickly want to remove some upcoming songs but don't want to spend a bunch of time curating. Thank you for hearing my pleas! Hopefully the right person sees this 🤞🤞
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