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  1. Hmm... That is not quite obvious and intuitive, but thank you anyway)) Still the 'Shuffle' button behavior within Android Auto seems buggy to me.
  2. That is why I said there may often be only subfolders within a selected folder (no tracks). In such cases there is nothing to tap on except the 'Shuffle' button.
  3. I'd say it must be less comprehensive. However, when we are left with only one button ('Shuffle' without 'Play'), which does not work as expected, this might seem to be extremely incomprehensive)
  4. Something related to AA might have really been introduced in the latest builds. I have just posted another bugreport (build 901): Would someone confirm this?
  5. I think this might have been introduced recently... 1) Let's say I would like to shuffle or play all the tracks from a certain folder, which includes just subfolders with tracks (no tracks in the folder itself). I go to the Folders Hierarchy and choose the folder. Now I have two buttons, which work as expected. When I press "Shuffle" it shuffles all the tracks in the folder and begins to play. When I press "Play", it starts to play the first track in the first subfolder. 2) Now when I try to do the same in Android Auto, I can see only subfolders and the "Shuffle" button (no "Play"). When I press "Shuffle", it shuffles tracks from some other folder. So it begins to play some tracks, which are not in the selected folder. So there is no way to play the tracks from a selected folder in Android Auto. Build: 901-uni [901009-dfc20075] Redmi 7 Note, MIUI Global 11.0.9 (Android 9)
  6. @andrewilley Yes, for those who mostly listen to long tracks (podcasts, audiobooks, etc.) that is really annoying. Especially if long-pressing is not supported (it is not in my Subaru Crosstrek). There might be 2 options: 1) Since the 'shuffle' and 'repeat' buttons are less necessary for long tracks, they might be replaced with two 'skip' buttons when the user chooses any long track. So you will have <skip back>, <previous>, <play>, <next>, <skip forward>. See the attached screenshot for the example. 2) The 'skip' buttons might be made optional for any track. So you will have to press a stand-alone button to display additional (two) buttons in the row above the main one.
  7. @maxmp Thank you, now I see what has changed. Is it still possible to add 'Skip' buttons in the Android Auto UI then?
  8. I know that, thanks. What I mean is a 'skip +/- N seconds' button for long tracks in the Android Auto UI, which is a completely different thing. When we switch to Android Auto, we are still left without this possibility to skip, especially if it is not supported at the 'hardware' level.
  9. AFAIR, there should be a workaround at the UI level. That is a 'skip n-seconds' button for long tracks. It was in the TODO list. But I do not know whether the latest update (901) may have something to do with this. See also:
  10. Hi, Max! Thanks for the update. Would you please clarify, what this may mean? How should we test it? Might it have something to do with that 'Skip n-seconds' button for long tracks you have in the TODO list?
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