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  1. I use to be able to have full artist or album cover on lock screen now it just shows me a little square and the buttons on lock screen. How can you change this? I would love to have it back to full screen when it's lock instead of just a blank background when it's lock
  2. How do you remove duplicate songs I got two or three of the same one & I can't seem to find the ones I recently added
  3. It doesn't store music to the power amp. Why not? Is there a way to make it possible to do so? It probably save a lot of hassle cause it seems like I lose one or two of my songs. Would it be easier to download the music they the amp instead of phone . Just wondering
  4. U do understand my question. I think I'm asking when I download music does it download straight thru the power amp or does it take room up on my phone
  5. Can I download a MP3 straight to my power amp instead of having to download it to my phone?
  6. How do you verify your purchase on the full unlocker. Now I been having problems my music want to stop when I get out of the app didn't do that before
  7. yes I was wondering how do you decutter ur music. My looks kind of sloppy and all my music is bunch up together I can't tell where my list begins or ends? On lock screen on the nave bar where it shows wat track is playing how do u brighten it up so I can see the buttons outside. Some how I lost my album art & I can't get numbers of tracks to show up. Any suggestions. I really love this amp despite the problems I'm having i just can't remember how to get my stuff back to the way it was.
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