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  1. Hello. I guess I wasn't very clear explaining the first option. Did you see the screen shots I added in the comments? That is where that is clearer,but I'll explain myself right now. I was asking for a kind of horizontally-scrollable list of elements, which could be most played albums/playlists or recommended songs or things like that, something like Spotify or Deezer or even Apple Music. So the result would be the well-know library list which you can customize, as you pointed out, and then some scrollable playlists and/or albums directly below the written list. I hope I was clearer this time and also suggest to check the attached screen shots in the comment section. Thank you for replying anyway :)
  2. So, hello everyone. I'm writing to suggest some features that I really miss from other players (I still don't use those, my love is for the one and only Poweramp), but I would LOVE to see them as new PA features. I'm talking about some sort of Play Now Page in alternative to the Library page. This will be an actual library page but with the addition of a Playlists row, recent albums, favorites songs, ecc which will play on single tap and open on long tap. This just to make the library page more used (as per my tastes). Then I'd love to see a Current Queue feature, different from the actual Queue. This would be a swipe up action from Now Playing screen revealing the Current list of songs (the album/playlist, ecc you're playing) I will always be available for future clarification if needed. Thanks for listening, I hope you will take my suggestion in consideration
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