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  1. Is there any chance there has been any progress on removing the text label from the Back buttons so that the left margin feature you added doesn't have to contend with text of variable length to resolve the issues with using the skin in a car mode situation?
  2. Sounds good! The work I did was manipulating the layout in Photoshop, where the skin can be customized to do pretty much literally anything. Back in the real world, a somewhat different solution may be the final destination. A few thoughts on priorities and such: While centering the text as in the screenshots I made would be really nice, the left margin solution would probably work pretty well if the back button were an icon of static size, so that's really the key change there. It would be really desirable to be able to set the background of the back button separately f
  3. @flyingdutchman I've been taking a closer look at the $yaps$ skin versus the Android Auto interface and I'm wondering if a relatively small list of changes / additional configuration options might be possible that would get us the cleaner Android Auto type interface that's desired without a total rewrite. Some of these suggestions may already be possible... Main library page: Center the title Change title to: "Poweramp Library" Allow the page background color to be set Allow the title background color to be set Category Page (ie: Album Artists): Add an o
  4. @flyingdutchman that Album Blur setting only works for me when Landscape Mode is set to Poweramp default. When it is set to Car Mode or Reflected Layout, the Album Blur setting makes no difference for me. I confirmed by turning the Album Blur setting on and off with all 3 Landscape modes.
  5. For the Android Auto UI, here are some more screenshots: https://photos.app.goo.gl/htEZWyeuagJtgE3UA These are captured from Android Auto running on my Samsung S8 because it's a lot easier to get screenshots (I have to take photos of the Android screen in my car as I'm not aware of a way to take screenshots with it), but it's very similar. In the car, the playing now page is a bit different as it shows the coverart next to the text instead of using it as a background. The column of controls on the right side are Android Auto interface buttons for (top to bottom): select a music app
  6. I don't exactly love Android Auto either and my unit has a decent car launcher as well. But it's hard to argue the safety factor of an Android Auto / Apple CarPlay user interface when driving versus a normal application user interface. IMO, Apple CarPlay provides a much nicer looking user interface in general. My Android unit actually gives me wireless CarPlay, which is really convenient, but I really like having the option to use apps directly on the Android unit itself as you clearly do as well.
  7. This topic seems rather timely, since I have the same need and was the one who asked @flyingdutchman for the changes he mentions. He released a new version of $yaps$, which I'm currently experimenting with. The option to hide albumart in the library headers works great, though I don't seem to be able to get rid of the albumart on the current playing screen if I have Car Mode selected in the $yaps$ options. The option for moving the overlapping text works well until you run into a long artist name because you can only shift the fields over by a fixed number of pixels. There's nothin
  8. Excellent. I'll contact you via email for the other items. Thanks!
  9. That definitely helps (a lot, actually), but it would still be useful to be able to turn off display of the album cover there. No matter what color is chosen, there's bound to be an album cover where the buttons blend in with the chosen color. It's not too big a deal when using the app on a phone, but when using it in a car situation, it's important to have things as uncluttered as reasonably possible. The same thing applies to the album page as well - the cover art is displayed in the top region and has the same issue with potentially obscuring the buttons. Another item that some feed
  10. I guess that explains why I couldn't find it. Thanks for the response - any rough idea how soon this option might be added?
  11. My apologies if my terminology is wrong as I’m still getting up to speed with Poweramp. I enabled CarMode and then set the Scale Library Font option to 1, which most of the text big enough. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how to disable the cover art that displays at the top of the artist page (the page that displays when I start at the top of the library, select Album Artist, then select an artist). The top of this page shows the first album cover for the artist along with the category (Album Artist), artist name, and other controls. The album art makes it difficult
  12. I purchased Poweramp and $YAPS$ a little while ago. I'll need to spend some time experimenting with the configuration options, but it looks like the combination is going to give me pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the advice!
  13. I'm a developer, but I don't do iOS or Android apps, but I have always assumed that the Android Auto and CarPlay user interfaces came from the app rather than just sending metadata information to be displayed as each app has a distinct look and feel even when in Android Auto or CarPlay mode. Otherwise, all apps would all look identical when run in Android Auto or CarPlay mode.
  14. Is $yaps$ more or less the same as Big Yaps, but with additional options (car mode) and more configuration options? I just took a quick look at Big Yaps and it looks like it gives me most of what I'm looking for. Assuming I purchase Poweramp, I'll certainly pay for your more configurable skin too.
  15. Thanks guys, I'll take a look at those skins. I've wondered how the Android Auto interfaces are done as there must be support for the interface in the app itself, but it wouldn't be surprising if the implementation details are very different from how the normal interface is done in "native" Android mode. I imagine if it was trivial to make the Android Auto interface available outside of Android Auto, many apps would offer a way to access it.
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