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  1. After the latest update, there is a frequently occurring bug when I try to swipe back from recently added collections to all songs or other collections. The bug makes the UI freeze with some overlapping buttons as shown in the screenshot. This usually happens when I try to swipe while the player is still scanning the library for new songs.
  2. @invaderzim I faced the same issue with random songs being shown multiple times after I installed the latest update from the Play store. I never faced this bug before so the new update must have caused the bug. Hoping a fix for this comes up soon :-). BTW, thanks for the update, I love the new features.
  3. Hi, I have purchased both Poweramp and Poweramp equalizer and I have 2 feature requests for Poweramp equalizer. 1) Stereo X port from Poweramp 2) Multiple volume levels ported from Poweramp. Are there any plans for implementing these in the future?
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