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  1. 1. Xiaomi poco F1 2. Pixel 4XL rom . Android 10 3. Snapdragon 845 I installed the app today and was able to get 24bit/192hz output of which I'll post pic . But I got a notification and the audio broke. And now im not getting any audio when I select hi res output. When i select hi res output, the song is playing but no audio is coming out. I tried every way. Re install it. Reset defaults,focus audio change. Everything but it's not working. Only 16bit audio is working. Please help me out. I'm hoping for a quick reply. Thanks for your efforts 4. Link to build.prop Audiopolicy.conf audio_output_policy.conf files : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1-2lAreiJrmbEbgsBHizdrmaG24H1lVxM
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