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  1. I found the solución in a XDA Forum. The widget works by modifying the permissions of the application. Thanks for helping me....
  2. Yes... I use Nova Launcher. I put the widget on the screen and it works fine. I turn off the screen. I turn on the screen and it doesn't work anymore. With the Poweramp v2 it already happened to me ... And it fixed itself 😳. The same does not happen with v3.
  3. Pressing the screen the widget Poweramp v3 only works star / stop. My smartphone is a Xiaomi Mi8 with Miui 11.0.3 based on Android 10. While I had Android 9, I used Poweramp v2 and the widget worked fine. When switching to Android 10, the widget stopped working. With the latest version of Poweramp, the widget stops working. I know that, in order to avoid wrong clicks on the widget, only the areas of the song name and the album cover were left active, but even by clicking on them, the widget stops working. I need a solution because I love Poweramp and I like the widget. Thank you.
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