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Found 13 results

  1. I updated my SD card from 128GB to 256GB. Everything else seems to be OK, but Poweramp won't play the files on the card. All I've gotten is "can't play file - storage unmounted". I've done the following: Rescanned folders Full rescan of folders Uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp Made sure Poweramp was granted storage permissions All other players can play the files. What's going on? I really like Poweramp, but this is getting frustrating...has anyone else resolved this issue? One more thing...Poweramp can at least see the folders. But when I select th
  2. Would it be possible to add support for multiple SD cards in library? I swap 500 GB and 400 GB SD cards quite often in my FiiO and assigning a separate library database to each of them would save me very long full rescans each time.
  3. I'm not sure if this is an issue with Poweramp, or with Google, but after the 3.0 upgrade, I lost the ability to edit tags on my Android phone. It insists that I do not have the rights to modify files on my SD card, and nothing I do seems to give it access? Strangely, I store all of my music on the SD card, and power amp has the ability to play all of the files, it just can't edit the tags. Please help if you can 🙂
  4. This is my first post for help. I have the Poweramp unlocker my music is stored on my sd card. How do I transfer all my music onto a new phone.
  5. I've noticed I'm missing music. My SD card gets unmounted from time to time for no apparent reason and I'm wondering if that would cause this issue or not? Like does it delete the file on the SD card or is it just Poweramp not being able to recognize it? This comes up when I press full rescan.
  6. I hope ChromeBooks (which currently support also Android apps) are target devices for Poweramp I got me a Samsung Chromebook Plus and Installed Poweramp. My music library on a 128G external SD Card (Sandisk) Poweramp let me "enable" the external SD card (folder settings) and discovered all the songs in there, but for some reason (it might be Poweramp or it might be ChromeOS) it failed to recognize the album art in each folder. It only shows the album art if the tracks in the folder have embedded album art. I maintain my library with individual folders for each album, and Folder.
  7. I am running Poweramp on rooted Android 6.0 px5 hu. When the car or acc is turned off, the unit shuts down but remembers the open apps. When turned on again, it re-opens the apps. The problem is, the unit also un-mounts and remounts the sd card and usb drive. My music is on an external sd card. So, if Poweramp is playing music when unit is shut off, when it starts up again, it looks for the last song it was playing which isn't there anymore -- and thus deletes the entire playlist. I can restore the playlist with a rescan, but then I have to select the playlist, locate where I was, et
  8. Hello, I am using the paid version 2.010-build-588-play of Poweramp on an Ulefone Paris with Android 6 MM. Previously I used a different phone with Android 5.1. I reinstalled the Poweramp app and the Poweramp unlocker and verified my purchase. So far so good. I tried to convince Poweramp to scan the internal and the "external" SD card memory but the program refuses to recognize neeither the internal nor the external memory. The built in music player has no problem whatsoever. Additionally, everytime when I start up my phone in the morning Poweramp comes up with the "t
  9. Device: Samsung GT-S6802OS: Gingerbread 2.3.6 Poweramp: 2.0.9-build-539-arm-uni I recently upgraded my micro SD card to 32GB (Kingston SDC4, class 4), but face these bugs:Every time I launch Poweramp, it doesn't resume where I left, but somewhere else.If ever it is where I left, It refuses to play saying "No tracks to play" or just doesn't do anything.Album art thumbnails aren't preserved in the folder view, but restored when scanned.To solve the above, I have to rescan (even full scan) each time I start Poweramp. I stays updated in the current session, but once exited and re-launched, the wh
  10. Hello everyone! I recently purchased a micro SD card for my LG G3 with the intention of moving and storing all of my music files on the SD card so that I would have more room on my phone for applications/photos/etc. I moved my music files from the internal memory to the SD card, however, when I tested to see if I could play a music file from the SD card without the file being on the phone's internal memory, the file did not show up on the SD card. I then researched and was told that I needed to have the music folder on my SD card linked to a music player, so I installed the recommended "P
  11. Hello guys, recently I did a factory reset to my tablet, reinstalled Poweramp Full & unlock, but now it does not "see" or recognise the ext sd card where I keep all my music. Can't find a way around it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. JF
  12. I have a Samsung Note 3 which runs under Android 4.4.2. Since KitKat it does not save my playlists (m3u8, are located on sd card) when i add some music to my playlists. In the past it automatically saves the playlist when i open it, make some changes, and after press the back button. How can i save my playlists?
  13. I just got a 64GB SD card for my Toshiba Excite Tablet (ice-cream), and now Poweramp is not finding the music folder on the new 64 GB SD card. Poweramp worked fine with my old 16GB SD card. I have tried auto-finding folders, selecting folders, and have even deleted and reinstalled Poweramp. Any suggestions to fix this?
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