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  1. @JDS The lrc files could usually be found by searching for "lrc + <name of the song>", which are formatted as described in Wikipedia and are no more than plain text files. After saving these files from the websites offering them, you can rename them and put them into the same folder with the music. Hope my words help!
  2. @andrewilley Thanks for the feedback! I'll also analyse the problem and try to fix it then.
  3. @Mandolo5758 Thanks! I'll get down to analyse the problem soon.
  4. @Mandolo5758 Thanks! Can you generate another with Poweramp running in the background, since it seems that the app failed to contact Poweramp?
  5. @Mandolo5758 You may save the log generated in the app to anywhere you want in your storage, open it with any text editor, then copy and paste the content here, so that I could analyse the problem. Thanks!
  6. @Mandolo5758 May I ask that is the folder containing these lyrics been added to the "Manage folder" page (which can be accessed through the first item in the configuration page) ? Sorry that my English is poor either so that my expression might not be accurate enough…
  7. @Mandolo5758 sorry for the bad experience, may I ask whether you have followed the instructions in the app, and could you provide the log generated in the app so that I can analyse the problem? The hierarchy of your song files and lyric files will also be helpful. Thanks!
  8. @erikgdd OK, I'll check it out and fix it if possible. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. @maxmp Sorry for the disturbance, but is there a quick way to get song files instead of parsing a tree URI from path?
  10. @Prosenjit Thanks for your feedback! This problem should probably be fixed in the next version. Sorry for your bad experience
  11. @maxmp So it means it would be a better option if I extract lyrics myself? Alright, and thanks anyway
  12. @maxmp Thanks! Modifying the API too much for the sake of one app seems unfair and redundant, so I plan to request API change only in some cases where there is no effective solution that can help solve the problem. And here is a request (to implement a feature long requested by the users). Could the embedded lyrics in each song be provided within the TRACK_CHANGED broadcast in the form of a content provider URI? Parsing the ID3 info again would be wasting performance and memory.
  13. Yes. These features are under development and should be available soon… But not in recent days since I'll be unable to program in nearly a week. It depends on how late it is. If it's a latency that is at most 500 ms, it is the app's bug. Poweramp's API only enables apps to count time in seconds, so… (the reasons are shown after permissions are granted properly). However, there is a plan to make the segments more detailed, for about 100 ms, but this is not a promised feature, since in current stage performance and power consumption are not evaluated yet. If the latency is more than 500 ms, try pause and resume(double-click the play button) in Poweramp. That possibly fixes it, which resets the time Poweramp passes to 3rd party apps.
  14. @clever_man Hi, I've just uploaded a newer version fixing an issue which has caused app crashing on many devices, hope it'll work well for you… And if not, I'd be glad to receive crash logs. Your report made the app better, thanks!
  15. For anyone who is fond of a plugin to implement a lyrics parser to make up for Poweramp's lack of local lyrics support, here is it. It reads external lyrics located at where the songs are. To be clearer, for a song placed at XXX/YYY.mp3, this app tries to load XXX/YYY.lrc and display it in a floating window. Now live on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.rachel030219.poweramplrc (and Coolapk for users in China Mainland https://www.coolapk.com/apk/255710 or GitHub releases for convenient apk downloading https://github.com/Rachel030219/Poweramp-LRC-Plugin/releases) There are still plenty of bugs, even though it has been released in production track. When you run into one, don't forget to report it here or open an issue on GitHub 😜 If you like it, you can always give it a star on GitHub or view its (poorly written) source code: https://github.com/Rachel030219/Poweramp-LRC-Plugin Thanks to everyone who made it possible! 😏
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