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  1. Ok - thanks for the feedback. I've tried different streams as well but all seem to stuck with first rrack info sent to the car display. My guess is, that Poweramp is updating the information in the app display itself but not sending the new metadata via bluetooth, as long as the the track doesnt change?! Anyway - i will try to find out if i can fix this with changing some settings in Poweramp or car audio software.
  2. e.g. It's a stream of this station: http://ekrdigital.com/rock-radio/
  3. No, "SYNC" is the name of the ford car audio system. Problem is that on the display of the car audio player only the first track of the radio stream is shown. On my phone (app), wich streams to the car audio system the via Bluetooth the track info changes with every new song in the stream. Thanks for your fast replies btw!
  4. Right... Frim a Radio Station But while the stream is on PLAY the app on my phone is showing the artist and title of current playing song. In SYNC it stays the artist and title of the track when i started the playlist.
  5. I hope this is the right topic... I'm using latest Poweramp pro version via BT with my Frod Sync Audio System. For usual the track info is displayed correct while playing MP3 files. Problem is, when streaming music via .m3u playlists, only the actual (first) playing track info is shown at SYNC, while Poweramp is updating properly. If i change channel (.m3u) list and go back i also get the latest track info again. Is there anything i could try?
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