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  1. Thanks andrewilley. I did finally do a FULL RESCAN and it worked! I had to make sure I set the folders,(on both drives), that I was going to use then do a full rescan which I found at the bottom of the menu. Poweramp works like a charm now, just like on my tablet! I mostly run Poweramp on the tablet, the Bluetooth audio is phenomenal, but the phone is now a very close second! Both have APT-X HD Bluetooth circuitry. I am running the high end audio plug in as well.
  2. I GOT IT! After checking the folders where your music is do a FULL RESCAN! It's playing great on my Samsung S9 now! Apparently, even when I moved the music from my SD card to main storage, the old tags from my Motorola Z2 Force transferred over. Poweramp reads these and apparently VLC and others do not! Now I just have to put the album covers back in and that works great. WOOHOO!
  3. I am having the same exact problem with "Failed to Play-storage unmounted" I have tried installing and uninstalling several times. In my case it is happening after moving my music from SD Card to internal storage on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone running Android Pie, so it couldn't be from the fact that I transferred the SD card from my Motorola Z2 Force to my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. All files are visible but don't play. They play fine on the VLC player in both storage areas...curious? I will try and reinstall the app again and try some of the things mentioned. I have tried previously checking the storage location and it auto rescanned and showed all the files present but still gave me this message even though all the albums are visible on the interface. I have no problem with this on my Galaxy Tab A tablet running Android Oreo v8. I have Poweramp Max MP running ENTIRELY from the SD card on that and it runs beautiful! I've bever experienced a problem like this with any other app on the Android OS! I'm wondering if this is a DMA channel or interrupt issue.
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