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  1. try using Shelter or Island. they are better than parallel space IMO and I guess you'll be able to pass the licence check. because these apps create a work profile inside your android phone, which is seperated and have different Google Play Service for each of the profile, i.e. your normal profile and the work profile made by these apps. and in any case if the licence is not verified under the same Google account, just use another Google account and add that account in your Google Family Share so that you don't have to buy app once again, although you can buy it once again to support the devs.
  2. can we upvote (or something like that) in these forum..? because this idea is amazing.
  3. that would be nice, but also these data must be updated to the music tags actually, else it'll be as useless as current Rating System. they really should make the rating imbeded with the music file.
  4. I know this has been asked alot, but never ever solved. Please this is a needed feature to organise once music library speacially if it is large enough like mine. So please add the feature, where we can add multiple artist in the file tag and it understands each artist and shows the song under each one of them. you can use the standard format (i.e. // ; , ) or any other if you like, but please be specific.
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