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  1. Thanks for the reply. Let me comment on each. -Can you explain further what you mean by "broken storage"? Data corruption? How do i test/fix this? -I assume I have permissions since I can open the app and move through the various options. The only thing I can't do is play tracks. And if there was a permission problem, why wouldn't the message be some sort of security or access message instead of "Storage Unmounted"? -Already did a Full Rescan (please see my email) -Not sure what you mean by "non stock" roms or system level mods unless you are referring to some custom coding/changes that I or others have done which is not the case. -I have not hacked/modified app in any way (see above). Look forward to your comments. Marc
  2. I am having this problem with "Storage Unmounted" as well. I have: Replaced the SD card. Uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp Did a full rescan. But it is still unresolved. Any other suggestions? Marc
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