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  1. Thanks. Having given it a quick look, it does seem as though there's almost too many things to configure, but I may give it a try.
  2. Sorry, now I've tried that it's lead me to another question. Is there a way to disable the Pro Buttons while keeping the simple Seekbar? Not really sure why one should be dependent on the other.
  3. Great, thanks, I'll try that. 👍🙂
  4. Hi folks, Is there any way to disable or make disappear the Category (>>>) buttons from the main player UI? It's really annoying when I am half way through a long playlist and accidentally touch one of the buttons, which then switches the category and there's no way to resume the position of the previous playlist. Thanks, Simon.
  5. If this is a permission issue that can't be fixed by the app, then can I ask why it doesn't affect numerous other music player apps? Does PA require different permissions to other music players?
  6. I don't think I've had that update yet. Still on build 893, according to Settings > About.
  7. OK, thanks Andre. One day, perhaps Google / Samsung will present an update which doesn't break anything!
  8. This isn't really a fix though, is it? Functionality shouldn't need to be disabled in order to circumvent bugs. I hope that the issue is still being looked into and that Auto Scan can be re-enabled in due course. 🙂
  9. OK, thanks for the advice. I guess that's a workable workaround, but it still seems this issue is to do with PA as it doesn't happen with other music apps. Then again, thinking about it, other apps, such as Samsung's own music app, are now taking several minutes to respond to any changes / additions to music on the SD card, so clearly something has changed with the Android 11 update.
  10. When you say "a while", do you mean a couple of minutes or a couple of hours? I've just turned the Auto-Scan feature off, as you suggested, and have done one reboot, and one full power cycle. Both times PA seems to have launched as it should.
  11. So, here's another couple of things: I wondered if the problem might just be occurring with a full "power off" power cycle rather than just a reboot, so I have tried both three times and the issue occurred with all three full power cycles, and two out of the three restarts. I then went into (PA) Settings > Library > Scanner and disabled USB Disconnection / SD Card Mount, but the problem still remains. I know nothing much about the technical side of these things, but it does seem as though Android 11 may be unmounting the SD card when the phone is shut down, and this may be causing the issue with PA, but that doesn't really explain why it's been fine for the last two or three weeks, and the problem has just now reoccurred.
  12. I can confirm all of the above. I would also add that this doesn't happen every time, and this is in fact the first time it's happened since the last time I posted when the issues seemed to have been resolved.
  13. Yep, happened again to me this morning after a power cycle. Didn't start PA till later and all data had to be rescanned. Pretty sure this is a problem with PA and not Android as other music apps are working fine, and unaffected by this issue.
  14. No, but what I did do was restrict the scanner to the one Music folder on my SD card (previously the card was allowed at root) and I've since rebooted the phone twice and the issue seems to have resolved. PA now opens with all music intact and the playlist position is saved. Just keeping fingers crossed now. 🤞
  15. Had the same update this morning on my S10+, and the PA issue still remains for me. I didn't actually start PA until this evening, so it's had all day to locate the SD card, but I received the "nothing seems to be here" error, followed by a rescan, upon which everything was OK, but once again I'd lost my place in my shuffle playlist, which is quite annoying.
  16. Thanks for the reply. I haven't moved any music files. They have always, and still are, on the SD card. Before the Android 10 update, I could, say, edit a playlist in Player Pro, then use the Import System Library Playlists feature in Poweramp to import the Playlist. That resolved the sorting issues, as PP sorts playlists in album track order. Now I can't do that as Player Pro (and seemingly any app that uses the Android system for playlists) can't seem to create new playlists. The only app that seems to be able to create new playlists is the Samsung Music app, but that's limited to 1000 tracks per playlist. I have tried enabling access to the SD card and to the main Android folder in the Phone storage, but still when PA imports system playlists, they appear in PA, but are empty. Nothing has been moved, with regards your book library analogy. It just doesn't work any more! On the Rescan / Resolve Playlists function, I have tried that but it still doesn't remove the playlist 'markers' where tracks are 'missing', thus, they still show as content in the playlists. The only way that these 'placeholders' are automatically removed is when tracks are deleted from PA itself. With regards the Artist > Album > Track# sorting option, is there any chance that this could be introduced in a future build? I can't see that it could be that tricky, as most other music apps can do this, and indeed, do so by default. Going back to the playlists issue, it's really annoying when new operating system updates come along and bugger things up. Like you said, I'm sure this is to do with Scoped Storage, but even with every permission I can find granted, system playlists appear to be impenetrable. I have found this discussed elsewhere, but I'm amazed that it's not a more widely criticised issue. Simon.
  17. The Android 10 update seems to have created some playlist issues, not just with Poweramp, which is actually one of the few music apps that still works acceptably, but with other players that use the Android system playlists. It seems that these apps cannot read or import playlists from the Phone storage (Samsung Galaxy S9+), but playlist will work, to a fashion, if moved to the SD card. The problem then is that Poweramp doesn't seem to be able to 'see' or import system library playlists. It does import some playlists, but these come up as empty in Poweramp. This causes issues when trying to sync playlists across more than one music app, as Poweramp won't 'see' playlists created in, say, Player Pro, Jet Audio or the Samsung Music app. Further, it seems that other music apps can't import playlists exported by Poweramp, even if the export location is changed to the SD card. To be frank, the whole thing is a bloody mess, and I still haven't quite worked out what's gone wrong, but perhaps it's something to do with the new Scoped Storage in Android 10? I suppose my basic question is, is there any way for Poweramp to import playlists from an SD card, and if not, can anyone suggest a way around this issue? Also, just another couple of gripes - one is that when an album is changed, renamed or deleted, if this is not done in the Poweramp app, the playlist entries remain, but are 'blank'. This causes some confusion when trying to sync playlists as the number of tracks shown on the Poweramp playlist can contain a number of 'blank' entries, which then have to be searched for, and this is no mean feat in a 3000 track playlist. I have ticked the box in the settings to tell Poweramp not to 'save' deleted Playlist entries, but this doesn't seem to have any effect. Secondly, is there any way to make playlists sort by Artist > Album > Track? The alphabetical sorting of full albums within playlists is a bit of an annoyance, and there seems to be every other sorting option. but the one I want! Many thanks in advance for any help. 🙂 Simon.
  18. That makes sense, thanks. Is PA unique in this?
  19. Yeah, but I'd still be interested in how it does it, when other music apps don't seem to be able to.
  20. I've long been using Poweramp because of the way it handles playlists. I have a large playlist of nearly 3000 tracks, and I generally have this on a continual shuffle, so that I get a variety of songs played all the time. What I love is that I can add to the Playlist and the new tracks will merge into the already playing playlist, and will still pop up at random. This is different to every other music player I've tried, as others either add new tracks to the end of the playlist, so you have to wait till the playlist reaches the end to hear them (unless you reshuffle, then risking repeats), or tracks won't be added to the current playlist until you start the playlist again. I'm curious as to how Poweramp achieves this. What's different about Poweramp playlists, to every other music app I've so far found?
  21. I've never seen Device Idle on my S9+. Can I ask how you managed to close everything else down?
  22. It would be a shame if this can't get sorted out, as the way playlists work with Poweramp is one of the main reasons that I use it. Has anyone had the same problems using Android 10?
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