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  1. No, I don't have File Access Legacy Mode enabled, and I've never touched that setting. EDIT: I've tried turning it on, selecting my music folder, and this interestingly this actually duplicated every file, even with a Full Rescan... I think it was seeing every file through the legacy mode AND the new mode. Had to temporarily disable Legacy Mode in order to remove the new mode's access there. And upon rebooting, Poweramp complained for a second that it couldn't see the files, but a couple seconds later, everything was fine! So, yeah, Legacy Mode actually works fine for me through reboots.
  2. ... until I go to Settings > Library > and hit "Music Folders". I don't have to change anything. I immediately back off of that menu and the files become visible to the app again! Other things I tried but which didn't change anything: regranting permission to the SD card, granting permissions to my SD Card/Music folder instead of the root, rescanning or full rescanning. Nothing besides accessing the "Music Folders" selection interface, and ONLY accessing it (no need to change anything selected in there) fixes the issue. This is why I've created a new thread since this does
  3. Chiming in with the same problem... I think it started happening around May for me After a while, Poweramp just starts using so much CPU that it noticeably heats up the phone. In my battery history screenshot, I plugged in my phone and went to sleep with music playing... 45-ish minutes later the battery temperature went up from the increased CPU usage The only fix I know of is force-closing Poweramp manually. My Galaxy S9+ (Exynos) will actually force-close Poweramp all by itself without asking (prompting the "Poweramp was killed!" message in the app) if it's not playing music after
  4. It did! Running a rescan while my file-based playlist is active is not pausing / restarting it / breaking shuffle anymore. Thank you :)
  5. As of 804 a rescan still exhibits this behaviour, however now it pauses when the track gets reset to the first one. (it still arrives at the same timestamp too)
  6. Yeah, I made a thread about it here:
  7. Yep, I can confirm that disabling "initial rescan" fixes it and that it is responsible for this issue on my device. Thanks for the speedy reply In case this is important info: I'm on a Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) with Android 8.0, and all of my music library is on a SD card, not the phone's internal storage. I can also reproduce this issue with a manual scan! See this video:
  8. After a cold start (app wasn't in memory or was force closed), the previous song will play for a few seconds, and then seamlessly switch into the very first song of the playlist, at the same timestamp. After that, shuffle is broken: the songs play in order (which is, in my playlist, alphabetical sorting) until you fix shuffle by picking a track manually or switch playlists back & forth. Here's a video of the issue. Note that I am not triggering the first track switch: that's the bug. The button doesn't light up and you can't see the little "touch feedback" dot, which should be proof e
  9. This happens both in shuffle and non shuffle mode. In shuffle mode it will always redirect to a random track (which is what I assume to be the "first shuffled one") Video of the bug: In this video, I am always selecting the same track yet it redirects me to random tracks in the playlist. This happens even after using next track / next playlist buttons. After toggling shuffle mode off, it always plays the first song. Seems to happen after the player's been left idle for a while. I can force stop the app, just play a couple tracks, stop playback, forget about my phone fo
  10. If the app is unloaded from memory for whatever reason (it's been a while since you used it and launched many other applications, for example), you can't play a song by using the play button on the widget. It will always crash. You have to click on the cover in the widget so that it launches the app, then from then on it won't crash until the next time it's unloaded. Video of the bug:
  11. I haven't been able to find reliable repro steps for this bug, but I figured I'd put it here in case someone else runs into the same issue. Here's a video of the bug: In this video, the main UI is showing the incorrect track. The notification is correct. The thing that has caught my eye is that the main UI is showing the tracks as if they were in the regular, non-shuffled order (which is set to Alphabetic in this playlist). My shuffle modes are Repeat List / Shuffle Songs.
  12. It is supposed to shuffle WITHIN playlists, but not BETWEEN playlists. That's what "shuffle songs & categories" does. Imagine playlists are a letter and songs a number. "Shuffle songs" would do: A2, A8, A4, A3, A1, A7... and if you change playlists, manually, of your own volition, then it's B3, B9, B5... "Shuffle songs & categories", however, would give you A2, A4, B3, A8, C1, A7, B9... That's how it worked in in previous versions (build 701 iirc) I think the queue is irrelevant to all this.
  13. That would cause playlists themselves to be shuffled; "shuffle songs" is supposed to shuffle only within the current playlist and not jump to other ones randomly.
  14. I use "Repeat List" and "Shuffle Songs" along with playlists. Unfortunately, while in playlists, the new build plays songs in order. An odd behaviour in this case is that, even if you go select a track way down in the playlist, e.g. around the middle of the list, the next track will go back to the beginning. After I did this a few times, it started always going back to the 4th track. I have another playlist (with 315 songs) which does something even weirder: its "shuffled" order is always 1st track > a specific track close to the end > the very last track of the list > then
  15. I bought a S7 Edge today, which is running 6.0.1 — I'm also affected by this bug. At first I thought it was something related to the new SD card framework thingy, so I tried moving an album to the internal storage to see if it'd make the embedded album art show up, but no dice: it still shows as "0 bytes" http://i.imgur.com/IU9WQLJ.png
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