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  1. Thanks for your replay my phone is always silent thats why I couldn't figure out where is the problem Btw 192khz worked for me and histen is turned off(I know you can't do anything about histen to work)
  2. Hello my mate 10 doesn't support hi res well when I enable dvc there is no sound coming and when I disable it there is a Slight volume decrease (even when no headroom is on) and histen sound totally turns off (and when I go to histen setting sound stops even when dvc is off) I hope u can fix this:) Using ALP-L29 emui9.1 android 9.0 (and weirdly there are 2 audio_policy_configations I don't know why) One in system/vendor/etc One in system/vendor/etc/audio Edit1:one more thing... When i enable 44.1 in hi res its like a tempo enables and sound becomes thinner and fast
  3. Yesterday I noticed that when I want to use hi res output dvc won't work and phones own equalizer will turn off (even when I use 44.1 khz) then when I saw the change log there was something about hi res and dvc for Samsung phone with Android pie (mine is not Samsung) so its something that should be supported by app itself I would be glad if it worked tnx:)
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