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  1. DVC disabled, no change, still crackling noise on Hi-res playback. Reducing pre-amp gain, noise still there. As the original poster stated, changing the sample rate under Hi-res output for the wired headset removes the crackling noise, which is quite loud, but only until playback is stopped and then restarting the playback and we're back to noise. This might be a problem with Hiby devices since the original poster has a R5 model and I have a R6. Sure would be nice to have a fix though since PA is the best Android music app out there.
  2. DVC works with a slightly lower volume level, but this is of no consequence to the main issue of crackling noise during Hi-res playback. Hi-res playback is unusable on this particular device using plugin monitors, balanced or non-balanced. However, hi-res playback does work without the crackling noise using any Bluetooth device as an output.
  3. Exact same problem with Hiby R6 (Crackling sound thru earphones with Hi-Res output)
  4. Thanks for the info, but the M11 does have an internet connection, but that's about it. No play store, no account, no email. I can download anything, visit web sites etc. The issue for me is that when you purchase Poweramp on the web site, you need to provide an email, but the device doesn't do email or accounts in general so back to the question I asked, can I use a hotmail email from my PC to license Poweramp even though the M11 device doesn't do emails?
  5. There appears to be little information out there about licensing Poweramp on a device that has no email, no account of any kind, and no Google Play Store. The device in question is the Fiio M11, which I have noticed has been tried and is being used by other users. So it must be possible to get a valid license/unlocker. It's not clear to me how this is done. I have purchased the app on my phone through the Play Store, but obviously that won't work in this case. I have another Hotmail email account that I access on my desktop PC. Can I use that email account to order the unlock from the Poweramp web site even though the M11 device wont have any idea about that email? In general, how the heck can I get a full version of Poweramp on the Fiio M11 and what do I need to do to ensure the purchase won't be a waste of time and money? Thanks in advance. Hopefully somebody who has the M11 and Poweramp installed can fill me in with the procedure.
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