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  1. Hiby R6 Pro DAP Android 8.1 Lg G7 ThinQ Android 8.0 Both work in 24 Bit 192KHZ
  2. New update seems to fix it! Thank you!!
  3. The main display screen, cover art and whatever, didn't display the above file type correctly according what was shown in the library sections.
  4. Change the error message from "SD Card Not Installed" to "Check path to music folder under settings". The current error message that the sd card isn't installed is misleading when the sd card can be found and read with a file manager app.
  5. I backed Poweramp down to V3 build 301 and everything seems normal. No more failed to play error messages and file types ID are correct to what bit rate they are.
  6. Did a reset to default setting to all audio settings. Playing a .dsf file with earphones and it's showing 16bit output. Always showed exactly the type of file playing in other releases. I can't find sox mode.
  7. V3 Buid 836 Lg G7 ThinQ Android 8.0 Audiotrack Output always showing 16 bit playing through the speaker. Audiotrack Output always showing 24 bit playing through earphones. Pressing skip ahead button to the right of play skips ahead 2 files then the "failed to play file!" error message pops up for the passed file. Reinstalled both the Poweramp program and key. That didn't help.
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