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  1. I know that many people have already reported the issues about Hi-Res failing on Android 13 but I just wanted to make this a small FYI for others and the devs that Hi-Res currently fails on the S22 Ultra on Android 13. Audio Output Logs read fine without any errors but switching to it crashes the app. Device: Galaxy S22 Ultra OS: Android 13 App Version: build-939-bundle-play Steps to reproduce: Either 1. Update to Android 13 with Hi-Res on from Android 12 and open the app with headphones 2. Open app, go to Settings, Audio, Output, Hi-Res and turn on Hi-Res for headphones.
  2. I should note the device is a Note 10+ on Android 11 (SM-N975U1)
  3. So I noticed after updating my phone to Android 11, that maybe either Poweramp or Android 11 has a bug in the notification where it will show the last song's album cover and color scheme with the new one playing. Here I was playing a song from my playlist and it shows like a Ariana Grande cover despite it but only when I interact with it it will return back to normal. Reporting it just in case. 1st screenshot should be the error and the 2nd the proper look of it.
  4. So on the ASUS Zenfone Max Plus, Hi-Res works on it after importing settings from my Galaxy Note 8 to it and marks the Wired Headset as Hi-Res despite Poweramp saying only USB DAC/BT Only. Should possibly open up the Wired Headset Setting Option on there
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