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  1. PA-CEQ 3.0 is now released with a massive improvement to the dB preset and support for Parametric EQ, includes a Poweramp Equalizer Import File, and less gain aggressiveness as the last few revisions. This also should get rid of audio distortion that was present in the past revisions of PA-CEQ. If you wanna learn more or want to try it out, you may do so by going here: https://github.com/GanstaKingofSA/PA-CEQ/releases/tag/3.0 I highly recommend all using PA-CEQ to try it and those that haven't or have but didn't like the last few to try it out and see for yourself.
  2. I moved on from using the last.Poweramp-settings file after your suggestion in 1.0. Everything now is by screenshots of the presets that I set on my phone. Sorry if there was confusion on that part, but also thanks for clarifying its not a app. Might have not specified that well. Exporting dB values seems to be a good idea IMO. It would help a bit of importing the values out and may be useful to people with theirs or using PA-CEQ itself. Update: Post changed to clarify new screenshot positions and made it shorter to read based off suggestion. Also clarified it's not a app.
  3. New EQ Update with 31 Band Support and improved bass/vocal control. Also fixed the beta release of 2.1 Apple's DAC with a tinkered preset. Since I included both 10 and 31 preset modes, they are in the zip file mentioned and described in the Read First files. https://github.com/GanstaKingofSA/PA-CEQ/releases/tag/2.1
  4. I should note the device is a Note 10+ on Android 11 (SM-N975U1)
  5. So I noticed after updating my phone to Android 11, that maybe either Poweramp or Android 11 has a bug in the notification where it will show the last song's album cover and color scheme with the new one playing. Here I was playing a song from my playlist and it shows like a Ariana Grande cover despite it but only when I interact with it it will return back to normal. Reporting it just in case. 1st screenshot should be the error and the 2nd the proper look of it.
  6. The top image is PA-CEQ 2 Normal, the 2nd is the Apple DAC distortion PA-CEQ version.
  7. So after a few while with PA-CEQ 1.0, I did PA-CEQ 2.0 in testing phase/feedback phase which improves PA-CEQ a bit I think (though my opinion). For my perspective it more louder and balancer and improves badly mastered FLACs to probably audible tracks. I did notice Apple's little cable DAC and some devices have their speakers play the EQ distortedly so I made 2 preset versions, being Normal and "Apple DAC". The only difference between them is the distortion is fixed I think with no EQ balancing to the first 3 low frequencies. Here is a preview.
  8. So I tried exporting my settings from my S9+ to a backup file but I don't see the last.Poweramp file in the directory it says it should be in. Is this a new Android 10 thing or is my app a bit borked?
  9. Should be better fixed. I did it in Portrait as Landscape appeared squished to me with the preset bars.
  10. Not a app but just a preset equalizer based on the community feedback. I wanted to see if the App saved it somewhere apart from last.Poweramp-settings but decided to go there. In case, I'll add the slider screens to the post or here as well for others to see.
  11. This is the estimated one based off the XDA Post. Neither this or PA-CEQ uses Reverb
  12. XDA Equalizer for comparison or usage instead. This is a estimate of the original preset, not the actual one basef on the screenshots. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CQmyyIsFs6ax9ba0FMYMqdh4kgziSIdP/view?usp=drivesdk
  13. Before I start, this is not a app for Poweramp. This is a equalizer value for the app. Credit for PA-CEQ - San_X for the Balanced Settings back in 2014. - JohnRTitor for testing PA-CEQ 3.0. PA-CEQ or Poweramp Community Equalizer is a community driven equalizer for Poweramp, Poweramp Equalizer and other devices which that improves audio fidelity of songs. The current version out is 3.0 which heavily improves the preset by changing how it works dramatically to improve quality and lessen distortion as present before. How do you install PA-CEQ? 1. Go to Releases linked on Github and download the latest ZIP file in there and select the version of PA-CEQ to use. 2. Copy the values within the screenshot to Poweramp or your device or import the equalizer file inside the For Poweramp Equalizer folder to Poweramp Equalizer.
  14. So I noticed there is a LDAC feature on my phone that I heard is the recommended codec to listening to music on your phone via Bluetooth. However when I set it in Developer Options, and return to the app, it resets itself to SBC. Is there something wrong that I'm doing? Phone: Galaxy S9 (T-Mobile) Preset: Hi-Res 44.1khz Bluetooth Speaker: Samsung Soundbar
  15. Oh. So then it's just either the Qualcomm Variant, then lagging a bit behind on the changelog then as both in Europe and in the US, it never increased to 155 from 154 via Vodafone Spain or AT&T as I am on the US International Firmware (N950U1). Thanks for the Update Max!
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