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  1. Oh. So then it's just either the Qualcomm Variant, then lagging a bit behind on the changelog then as both in Europe and in the US, it never increased to 155 from 154 via Vodafone Spain or AT&T as I am on the US International Firmware (N950U1). Thanks for the Update Max!
  2. So I just went through Samsung's spreadsheet on the Note 8 and I just read this section Audio Ultra High Quality Audio PlaybackUHQ 32-bit & DSD support PCM: Up to 32 bits DSD: DSD64/128 *DSD64 and DSD128 playback can be limited depending on the file format. As I am aware, the app can do 16-bit 48khz with DVC On but manual switching to 192khz kills DVC support while the changelog says Samsung Pie devices can only do DVC and Hi-Res after changelog number but I think Samsung has stopped pushing major Kernel Updates to the phone and only security updates as I am stuck on 154 while changelog says 155. Is this still a issue going around on Note 8 Pie devices and that we cant have DVC On and Hi-Res at the same time due to Samsung's decision on updates or it actually got resolved?
  3. So on the ASUS Zenfone Max Plus, Hi-Res works on it after importing settings from my Galaxy Note 8 to it and marks the Wired Headset as Hi-Res despite Poweramp saying only USB DAC/BT Only. Should possibly open up the Wired Headset Setting Option on there
  4. Any idea how I can check the changelist on official samsung firmware? I tried to do that yesterday but appears Samsung doesnt list changes in their update page.
  5. Just to quote my post and add a new picture, this is what shows up when switching to 192k and I noticd the audio quality change all of a sudden without DVC based on what @maxmp said to another person to do on my Note 8.
  6. Not sure if I am doing this right or reading the changelogs but I am not getting Hi-Res 192k on my Note 8 running thre N950U1UEU5DSD4 firmware with DVC on and manually going to 192k disables DVC. Is there somethin I need to reconfigure or that I have to wait for a new update?
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