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  1. So I tried exporting my settings from my S9+ to a backup file but I don't see the last.Poweramp file in the directory it says it should be in. Is this a new Android 10 thing or is my app a bit borked?
  2. Should be better fixed. I did it in Portrait as Landscape appeared squished to me with the preset bars.
  3. Not a app but just a preset equalizer based on the community feedback. I wanted to see if the App saved it somewhere apart from last.Poweramp-settings but decided to go there. In case, I'll add the slider screens to the post or here as well for others to see.
  4. This is the estimated one based off the XDA Post. Neither this or PA-CEQ uses Reverb
  5. XDA Equalizer for comparison or usage instead. This is a estimate of the original preset, not the actual one basef on the screenshots. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CQmyyIsFs6ax9ba0FMYMqdh4kgziSIdP/view?usp=drivesdk
  6. Before I start, credit must be due to the idea and original concept. @San_X for the Balanced Settings back in 2014 concept linked here - https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho....php?t=2674303 Hi. I would like to introduce to you all a community-driven equalizer for Poweramp and for other devices called PA-CEQ a.k.a Poweramp Community Equalizer. Although the name suggests it only applies to Poweramp, it can also apply to other devices like car stereos, iOS, computers, etc. PA-CEQ or Poweramp Community Equalizer (I call it Focal Utopia Equalizer in my place) is a community driven equalizer for Poweramp which can also be applied to other devices and software like non-Poweramp apps, iOS, Stock Android, and more that are equalizer capable based off 2 different headphones, the Sennheiser HD598 and Focal Utopia with no USB DAC and only a 3.5mm Jack. I am aware that this has been posted 5 years ago on the XDA forums. I actually used that preset before making PA-CEQ but felt something off about it. Apart from some music sounding off, I prefered a non-bass and non-treble based preset and only a dB increase or decrease and that there wasn't a estimated dB range for that XDA post so it was up to a guess to determine the EQ if it was 11.X or 12.X for different ranges and what songs that person used. PA-CEQ is actually based on the same preset with some major dB and Bass/Treble changes. The difference between the old XDA preset and PA-CEQ is the ranges and the tone. There is 0 reliance of Bass and Treble in the app and are based off the dB Equalizer in the app instead of a deeper and louder bass and louder treble with a dB preset. Along with only dB reliance, a saved preset to transfer to other devices and visibility for other apps and OS's that don't have Poweramp or to Windows, and car radios. How do you install PA-CEQ? Go to Releases linked on Github (community effort so open-source FTW) and download the latest `last.Poweramp-settings` file in there and drop it in the `Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer` folder. Please note this will reset your skin if you have one or theme so please re-adjust that after install. For Non-Poweramp Users, enter the Preset Screenshots folder or the Preset.Screenshots.zip file and view the PA-CEQ screenshots in there and apply it to your Android, iOS, car radio, stereo, any equalizer set device. Please read the `Read First.md` file in the folder before configuring. Github: https://github.com/GanstaKingofSA/PA...leases/tag/1.0 Device Tested was a Samsung Galaxy S9 on the September Patch Update (`G960U1UES6CSH8`). Only the default Poweramp DVC and Equalizer were used. No Dolby Atmos, Adapt Sound, Android EQ, MusicFX, Stereo Expand, Balance, Reverb, Bass and Treble at 60% Volume. Headphones as stated are the Sennheiser HD598 and Focal Utopia. Song Test Section are in the Github Wiki. Tested with MP3's and FLAC off Google Play and CD Rips. If you have any suggestions or issues with this preset, don't be afraid to be critical of it and message your concerns here, the XDA forums, or on Github as a Pull Request of a new preset or a Issue. There might be a PA-CEQ Preset with Bass and Treble but still TBD as I prefer less use of Bass and Treble for songs. PA-CEQ is GNU GPL v3
  7. So I noticed there is a LDAC feature on my phone that I heard is the recommended codec to listening to music on your phone via Bluetooth. However when I set it in Developer Options, and return to the app, it resets itself to SBC. Is there something wrong that I'm doing? Phone: Galaxy S9 (T-Mobile) Preset: Hi-Res 44.1khz Bluetooth Speaker: Samsung Soundbar
  8. Oh. So then it's just either the Qualcomm Variant, then lagging a bit behind on the changelog then as both in Europe and in the US, it never increased to 155 from 154 via Vodafone Spain or AT&T as I am on the US International Firmware (N950U1). Thanks for the Update Max!
  9. So I just went through Samsung's spreadsheet on the Note 8 and I just read this section Audio Ultra High Quality Audio PlaybackUHQ 32-bit & DSD support PCM: Up to 32 bits DSD: DSD64/128 *DSD64 and DSD128 playback can be limited depending on the file format. As I am aware, the app can do 16-bit 48khz with DVC On but manual switching to 192khz kills DVC support while the changelog says Samsung Pie devices can only do DVC and Hi-Res after changelog number but I think Samsung has stopped pushing major Kernel Updates to the phone and only security updates as I am stuck on 154 while changelog says 155. Is this still a issue going around on Note 8 Pie devices and that we cant have DVC On and Hi-Res at the same time due to Samsung's decision on updates or it actually got resolved?
  10. So on the ASUS Zenfone Max Plus, Hi-Res works on it after importing settings from my Galaxy Note 8 to it and marks the Wired Headset as Hi-Res despite Poweramp saying only USB DAC/BT Only. Should possibly open up the Wired Headset Setting Option on there
  11. Any idea how I can check the changelist on official samsung firmware? I tried to do that yesterday but appears Samsung doesnt list changes in their update page.
  12. Just to quote my post and add a new picture, this is what shows up when switching to 192k and I noticd the audio quality change all of a sudden without DVC based on what @maxmp said to another person to do on my Note 8.
  13. Not sure if I am doing this right or reading the changelogs but I am not getting Hi-Res 192k on my Note 8 running thre N950U1UEU5DSD4 firmware with DVC on and manually going to 192k disables DVC. Is there somethin I need to reconfigure or that I have to wait for a new update?
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