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  1. Hi @maxmp is 32/384 also available for the M11? The dual dac is certainly capable of that bitrate. Edit: apologies, just saw that it is, thank you! Could you confirm the questions above, whether Poweramp resamples all files, even standard res 16/44.1 files? What, in your opinion, is the effect on sound quality of it does, and are there any settings you recommend to maximise sound quality?
  2. I see that you’re using Bluetooth. As far as I know high-res is only available for wired headphones and USB dac, not Bluetooth. Check Settings - Audio...
  3. Are you using Build 829? Works great on mine.
  4. Haha, yes! Neutron UI is fugly! Would be great if Poweramp had an ‘off’ function for upsampling/resampling. Is there a technical reason it has to resample in the first place, even for files of the same bitrate as output (if that’s actually what it does)?
  5. ‘Defines by device’ is the confusing one. Does that mean if the device is playing a 24/88.2 file, Poweramp will output it as 24/88.2 without resampling? Same for 16/44.1? I read that Poweramp resamples ALL files. So for example even if I specific 16/44.1 and play back a 16/44.1 file, Poweramp takes the file, resamples it (even if it’s to the same bitrate), then plays it. That’s what I need @maxmp to confirm.
  6. The thing is many of us are not using Poweramp on phones, which aren’t great for audio (unless you have something like the LG V20/30), but in dedicated music players with high-real dacs and special audio circuits, so high-res is very much audible and desirable and upsampling/downsampling artefacts are not. My original question, and I hope @maxmp can confirm, is whether Poweramp resamples ALL files, or leaves 16/44.1 files alone (in standard res mode) and leaves high-res files alone (in high-res mode)?
  7. Yes but I’m using Poweramp on a high-res dap (FiiO M11), so why would it be defaulting to 16/48? Should it not respect the capabilities of the dac and leave the files as-is if it can?
  8. I was under the impression that Poweramp resamples EVERYTHING to 16/44.1 or 16/48 if not high-res, and resamples all non-high-res files to 24/192 when in high-res mode. Is this not correct? In other words Poweramp ALWAYS resamples or upsamples and doesn’t have a bitperfect mode. Let me know if that’s wrong, and if so what actually happens with the processing.
  9. Well - it seems to be resampling to 24/192 for most files. However files that are already high-res seem to be playing in their native res. For example, I have several DSD tips at 24/88.2, and when I check the output settings during playback, it shows 24/88.2 (as opposed to 24/192 for most other files).
  10. Hi - yes you’re right! It’s active now. Will test out today. Currently says 24-bit 192khz. I assume it resamples everything to this value? Or does the file determine the high-res level?
  11. Hi @maxmp - thanks for the official 829. Are you still working on FiiO M11 high-res support? Keenly awaiting this so I can switch over to Poweramp permanently. Thanks!
  12. Hi @maxmp - I have an M11 and would be happy to test and extract whatever files you need me to. Just let me know where to download it and I’ll do the rest.
  13. Hi @maxmp - thanks for all your efforts on this. Seems like there are multiple requests from FiiO M11/X5iii owners. The M11 is soon (likely next week) to be released in the US and Europe, which is going to lead to high demand for hi-res music software. I’m going to be writing a full review on the M11 and using Poweramp as an example, and I’ve already heard from numerous users waiting to buy Poweramp as soon as it supports hi-res headphone output on the device. I imagine adding support for the M11 and X5iii should be very similar so hopefully not too much extra work for you! Thanks again in advance and look forward to the revised build.
  14. Hi - would be most grateful if you could add hi-res support for the FiiO M11 (Samsung Exynos 7872 SoC). This dap uses dual AK4493EQ dacs and the 16/48 resampling limitation is really holding Poweramp back! Device model - FiiO M11 ROM version (Android version: 7.0 customised) Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res: https://www.fiio.com/m11 Many thanks...
  15. Hi - just got a new Android dap and using Poweramp as my default music player. Is there a way to hide or disable the “Now Playing” bar from the UI?
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