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  1. I installed the Beta version 824. No change to the behavior.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for my late response ... I need to enable notifications! I increased the buffer size to max (from 1500 to 2500 ms) and it had no effect at all. It still tries for a while, the song progress goes a short time and then skips back over and over until it finally gives up and stops trying to cast. I will try the beta and will post the results later.
  3. Trying to cast to my Vizio soundbar, model SB3651-E6. It has built in chromecast. The TV and Blu Ray player hooked to the soundbar are older so have no chromecast capability. The Vizio soundbar automatically updates firmware, which it did do when I purchased and installed it, but have no way of manually checking for additional updates. So I cast to the soundbar as if it was a stand alone smart speaker with built in chromecast. I have been casting to it with Google Play Music from my cell phone, so casting to this device is working. I am starting Poweramp on my phone and playing m
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