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  1. I installed the Beta version 824. No change to the behavior.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for my late response ... I need to enable notifications! I increased the buffer size to max (from 1500 to 2500 ms) and it had no effect at all. It still tries for a while, the song progress goes a short time and then skips back over and over until it finally gives up and stops trying to cast. I will try the beta and will post the results later.
  3. Trying to cast to my Vizio soundbar, model SB3651-E6. It has built in chromecast. The TV and Blu Ray player hooked to the soundbar are older so have no chromecast capability. The Vizio soundbar automatically updates firmware, which it did do when I purchased and installed it, but have no way of manually checking for additional updates. So I cast to the soundbar as if it was a stand alone smart speaker with built in chromecast. I have been casting to it with Google Play Music from my cell phone, so casting to this device is working. I am starting Poweramp on my phone and playing music on the phone, then I hit the cast icon, and it shows the soundbar. So I select it, and then the phone goes silent, and it shows as casting to the soundbar but no music is coming from it. Poweramp shows the play progress as moving forward for less than a second and then going back, and then progressing, and then back, etc. During this time, when I tap the casting icon in Poweramp, it says casting to the soundbar. After about 10 seconds, the cast icon goes from solid white to white outline, and Poweramp goes from playing to paused. After that, I tap the casting icon on Poweramp and it shows the soundbar as being available to cast to. No error messages. Each attempt to try it is identical and consistent in results. I have rebooted phone, etc. And I have re-tested to confirm that casting still works with Google Play music. I went into Google Home, and got the properties for the soundbar from it: Cast Firmware Version 1.21.75965. I Googled that firmware version with very few hits other than the Vizio support forums. I did find this: https://support.google.com/chromecast/thread/359044?hl=en where the user was having problems casting to Vizio from Pandora, but Spotify and other programs were working. "Pandora has investigated this issue and determined that it is due to Vizio failing to update the Chromecast firmware in their devices up to version 1.28 or higher. This problem was revealed in May of this year when Pandora issued an update to their app that incorporated the newest version of Google’s Chromecast software. Vizio engineering has been aware of this situation for months, and they have informed me that they have no plans to issue a firmware update to their various SmartCast devices. According to Pandora, Vizio is in breach of their licensing agreement with Google. If Vizio does not update their firmware, Pandora (and, eventually, other apps) will never be able to cast to any Vizio devices." It looks like 1.21 was released for Vizio on March 2017. It is clearly very old version. I will be phoning Vizio support to put a bunch of pressure on them to update to a more current version. Not hopeful from what I have ready but will try. I understand that this is probably an issue with out of date firmware, but any suggestions on what to try next will be appreciated.
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