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  1. @Rowdyhorse4 I'm sorry but I really don't know.
  2. Heya! I'm currently running version 905 of PA, and great news for the tabbed view in Android Auto! I think, though, that the Android Auto experience can be revised as following: 1) If I get this correctly, Poweramp shows 4 tabs: Library, Playlist, Album and Folders hierarchy. Which is great, it takes all the 4 available slots but: There will be rendundancy between elements in library view and tabs indicators so, e.g. if I choose to show playlists in library view, I'll get a tab and a tile for it Removing one item from library view will also remove the tab So I think that Tabs should be user-configurable Poweramp should avoid showing an item in library view if it's shown as a tab 2) Action buttons in playback view do not take advantage of all the slots available. A total of 9 actions can be configured on Android Auto (one of which shows the secondary actions) and right now PA shows 5 primary actions and 2 secondary actions. Allow me to suggest some actions that can be ported to Android Auto: Fast forward-Fast rewind Buttons for like/dislike Button to add a bookmark I don't know if those are technically possible: Button to add to a playlist: once pressed it will bring up the list of playlists for adding the track and destroys view afterward Button to go to artist: similar to number but goes to artist view Button to go to album: as above
  3. Hi! I know Android Auto a fair bit, so allow me to explain some things. Android Auto does output audio via USB when connected in wired mode and via Wi-Fi when connected Wirelessly. Bluetooth is not used for media streams in Android Auto. It's used for routing phone calls to the car and for comunicating WiFi SSID + Encryption key to the phone for wireless connection. Android Auto has a AAC Encoder which outputs in MP4A-LATM at 512000 bits per second. Basically Android Auto takes the whole audio processing and whatever it receives from a media stream it outputs it to the car with its encoding solution.
  4. Plus you can't cast your whole device to devices like Google Home
  5. I would love this feature. With many players adopting it, it would be nice to see Poweramp adopting this too!
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