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  1. Can anyone else give their two cents? @maxmp?
  2. whilst ROON is capable of decoding and outputing the same music at 24-bit? or am I misunderstanding something?
  3. I've already set the options and in capable devices such as my B&W headsets its showing output at 24-bit 48kHz but the decoder section is still at 16-bit?
  4. Hello, Am new to the use of Poweramp and audio enthusiasm... Just recently ditched my phone's stock music player for Poweramp V3 and am really happy with it... i'd like to ask if the decoder is meant to decode at 16 bit or 24 bit? and if there is a way to switch to a 24 bit decoder? because playing the exact same music file over Roon shows that its capable of decoding the music over 24-bit? or am i reading something wrong? thanks! Phone: Huawei Mate 20 Pro
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