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  1. I am on OpenSL ES HiRes output, just disabled DVC seems to work just fine now, can control the audio normally. Seems to have fixed the issue.. why would you not recommend it @maxmpWill it cause any serious issues?
  2. Changing the ringer/notification slider value affects the Poweramp's volume, if I put my device on silent/vibrate only Poweramp is muted completely. And the actual volume slider affects the Poweramp's volume levels very slightly. Also there's this strange "Chromecast-like" icon on the volume slider rather than normal music one. (The music one appears in other apps and the volume controls work normally) Device : Huawei Honor Play (COR-AL00) Android Version : 9.0 (EMUI 9)
  3. So if I set my phone on DnD/silent/Vibrate Only, Poweramp's volume turns down to zero, the notification sound slider affects the Poweramp's volume. Device : Huawei Honor Play Android : 9.0 (EMUI 9)
  4. Works great on Huawei Honor Play COR-AL00, Android 8.0, SOC : Kirin 970 You can add this device to the list @maxmp
  5. Many phones don't have this feature, it would be great if you could add it manually, to change the Lockscreen wallpaper to the current playing song.
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