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  1. #maxmp - woke up this morning to find that the mystery has returned. It seems having a ( at the beginning of a title causes the same bug. I have about 15 songs that start that way and I will delete and see what happens. Right now I would say the following at the start of a title sets things off: ' # ( '
  2. #maxmp - I removed the '#' and the apostrophes from about 10-15 songs and I'm now going on two days w/o a problem. It seems that if you have songs with those items at the start of the title you might trigger this bug. At any rate, this seems my workaround but it would be nice to fix it. Feels sort of disrespectful to the Hawaiian culture to have screw around with their language. 😐 #monkeybutt - see above. Do you have songs like this? Worth a check.
  3. #ethan417 - I've used PA for 6 years and I gotta agree with the above. I'm pretty limited in my expertise but the basic functionality when it comes to playing and shuffling and repeating seem to be no different. Have you just tried deleting and reinstalling? Maybe something is corrupted.
  4. Thanks for the reply! Most of the time I start from Genres. Under each genre are a list of albums. It doesn't seem to matter what album is playing. I haven't paid attention to the length of the desync. It occurs when I play one album or if I shuffle the genre. I think I have a clue. The songs at the beginning of my list do not start with letters. One # and a bunch of apostrophes. Comes from liking Hawaiian music. 😊 These are the songs that show up in some random order. I recognize having seen a bunch of them on the miniplayer. Hope this all displays - I'm 72. And since I have you on
  5. I'm still having the issue of the miniplayer not accurately displaying what's playing. Clearing art cache sometimes helps but not always. As previously noted, the miniplayer gravitates to the beginning of my song list but not always the first. Also a suggestion: When I look at my album list under genres, I'd like to be able to long-press an album and see a Play option in the shortcuts. Would save some steps and screen changing. Thanks.
  6. #blaubär I play by genres usually. Doesn't seem to matter what album. And it crosses genres. For example, when I'm listening to Bebel Gilberto (Brazil) and I'm back on the genre list looking at the miniplayer it is displaying the image and name of an album by Israel Kamakawiwoole (Hawaii). When I long-press the miniplayer it takes me to the song list of the album that is currently playing. Most of the time when I change to another album the miniplayer changes too but to another random selection. This all is occurring when shuffle etc. are off. Seems to be that way too whe
  7. The odds of my miniplayer accurately reflecting the song that is playing is very low. Very random selections that cross genres. Imagine seeing Jay-Z when you're listening to the Grateful Dead. It works fine. Is this a small bug?
  8. Thanks for the new release! Is there a way to control the album image used for a genre heading? Right now I even have a image of an record I've removed from my phone.
  9. Thank you. That seems to work. It's always the little things. Do you have any ideas about my other question - the SD card not being read? I'm totally at a loss. Verizon's blithe response is to do a hard reboot sweep of the phone and hope for the best. And today I was playing an album (no shuffle) and suddenly the player skipped to another song on the record and stopped. This isn't the first time this has happened either. Thanks again.
  10. Just recently Poweramp starts to play whenever I turn on the phone. I'd prefer to be the one pushing the play button. I know there's are setting that controls this but I can't find it. Can someone please let me know where it is? Thanks.
  11. Over the last couple of weeks Poweramp keeps stopping and won't play songs. This is happening once every day or twoI get error messages about not finding files or being able to play songs etc. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice. When the problem occurs, I remove the SD card, reinsert, restart the phone, and then rescan. Sometimes I can get away by clearing the cache in Manage Apps. Then I'm OK for another day or two. I've noticed that when this occurs, Poweramp won't display the files on the SD card in the List view, but when I got into Folder view, they seem to be there. I also se
  12. Suggestion for accessing folders worked. Thanks for the info. I would suggest changing the default status of repeat and shuffle, but it's a small annoyance in the face of this great player.
  13. Shuffle: Once I select shuffle to play a genre it seems to stay that way forever. When I later just want to listen to a record, the shuffle mode stays on and its annoying to have to remember each time. And I don't. Is what I'm describing true or is there a setting I'm missing? Folder access: I used to be able to go directly to Folder/Library from the music player itself. That seems to have disappeared and now I have to backtrack to be able to access that option. Is this true and have things changed or again am I missing something? Thanks.
  14. Seems like when I set Poweramp to use the shuffle mode it never goes away unless I change the settings. It seems to me that if I used shuffle to play songs in a particular genre and then later decide to play an album, I shouldn't have to think about turning shuffle off first. Is this the default setting? If so, is there a way to change it. A small thing, but annoying to me. Thanks for any info.
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