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  1. There is no such thing as background rom update, also I just asked because I legit saw it work again. Didn't screenshot it because I thought it was fixed. If I knew people would mock for asking then I don't think this forum is of any use. No like I'm spamming so atleast look at the pic I attached. Peace
  2. So I know previously Mi A1 threads say that hi res isn't supported on stock roms but yesterday, suddenly Poweramp started giving output in 24 bit 192 hz and there was a significant improvement in sound. The audio output log shows the audio policy has 24 bit 192hz support. Would you try to figure out what is wrong?
  3. 1.Redmi Note 3 (kenzo) 2.Android Pie(9), Custom ROM 3.Cause audio policy has 24bit support audio_output_policy.conf
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